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Movie Review: 30 (wasted) Days in Atlanta

I am convinced that AY had things to do in Atlanta and then thought of shooting this film on the side. I do no think RMD and Desmond Elliot would leave Nigeria for Atlanta for cameo parts in a two-hour film. Even if this comedy was an essential part of AY’s American trip, it still comes across as a scrambled script, in which case it will be safe to assume it’s a low budget film.

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See Michele Obama’s number 1 song

Michelle Obama has revealed musical tastes that include Beyonce and past greats such as Billie Holiday as she released a first playlist on streaming service Spotify. Following a separate playlist by her husband, the US first lady released her own on Sunday for the International Day of the Girl, part of a UN campaign to
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Most troublesome Nigerian entertainers(1)

Celebrities are always in the news. It’s ideally supposed to be about their exploits in their different spheres of human endeavour, be it acting, music, or comedy. However, we have a lot of entertainers who grace the front-page of magazines, gossip columms in newspapers and TV screens because of their penchant for flirting with, and courting controversy.In this piece, we bring to you some of Nigeria’s most troublesome celebrities, who have adopted scandals as their second nature. Enjoy…

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