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Texting while driving is like driving with your eyes closed — Research

EVERY text, emoji and selfie which captures your attention limits your awareness while driving, putting you and those around you in unnecessary danger. Yes, even “just one” text can cause an accident. And that’s one accident too many.

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Hilux tackles the rough, relishes the smooth

IN the one tonne pick-up vehicle segment, the Toyota Hilux has carved a niche for itself in all ramifications. It has a beautiful design like no other while leaving others trailing behind in term of performance, safety and comfort. Every pick-up manufactured in this segment knows that Hilux is the one to beat. But Toyota has never relented in making the Hilux to keep its leading position with every successful model launching into the market.

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Mercedes-Benz sales increases in US, Europe, S. Korea

MERCEDES-Benz sold 195,690 vehicles worldwide in May (-1.3%). The sales success of the new A-Class and the new CLA Coupé,which was launched in Europe in May, had a positive effect last month. In a highly competitive market environment worldwide, the new compact-car models in particular generated sales momentum in many key markets. Nonetheless, ongoing model changes in the highest-volume SUV segment had a dampening impact on total unit sales in May.

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