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UZODINMA: How low can Imo pdp descend in fighting the supreme court?

Governor Uzodimma starts rebuilding of Ekeukwu Owerri

By James Udemba Ever since the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State lost the governorship election in January this year, the members have been behaving like bulls let loose in a china’s shop. Like demented animals baying for blood, they have vowed to destroy everything and anything on their path in the vain hope
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#ENDSARS protesters.

Our Youth and the Unfolding National Crisis: Need for urgent intervention

Statement by concerned Nigerians We are responsible and patriotic Nigerians who have watched with serious concern the unfolding crisis threatening to engulf our nation. This has followed the recent protests by Nigerian youth across the country, against widespread police brutality, endemic corruption, and bad governance. We are non-partisan actors who believe in the union of
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#EndSARS: Between Sòròsókè and ‘off-the-mic’ generations

By Oludayo Tade Sòròsókè(speak louder), represents agency activation of voice to know the unknown, clarify a confused state and challenge negligence, right denial and injustice. On the flip side is ‘off-the-mic’, a tactical strategy to conceal the truth, ignore a genuine concern, silent opposition, frame constructive criticism as ‘corruption is fighting back’ and tyrannise being
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Okowa and the coronavirus-struck boy

By Ekanpou Enewaridideke The story of that poor helpless village boy in Delta state who suffered afflictions of coronavirus, for whom mama Moses Oromola Jemigbeyi (Eluko) the 137-year old woman of Okerenkoko town in Gbaramatu Kingdom prayed tenaciously for recovery alongside the committed coronavirus-survival moves of Tompolo,  and in whose behalf Okowa intervened and cured 
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Anatomy of an uprising, Protest

Anatomy of an uprising

In the first few days of these protests, I was particularly struck by tweets warning protesters not to allow politicians and celebrities and prominent people space to be visible and relevant (in the language of the uprising, it is put as “don’t give the mike”).

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