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Aregbesola’s performance and armchair critics

EVERYTHING has got its own time and season.  The season of politics in the State of Osun is here. Contestants are warming up.  New alignments are being forged. In other places, old ones are being resuscitated. Forces are gathering, all towards the 2018 governorship election.

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Obiano: The logic of continuity

IT is yet another election period and as usual, Anambra State has found itself in the frenzy of the democratic process, which requires  elective office seekers to woo the people they wish to lead to vote them into power. Usually, in the bid to actualise this, the incumbent is naturally the number one victim of vociferous media attacks and castigations that could potentially reduce their achievements and Governor Willie Obiano has not been spared either.

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Infrastructure and Africa’s development: The PPP imperative

RECENTLY, May15 to 16, 2017 to be exact, my esteemed brothers at the African Finance Corporation – Andrew Alli, Oliver Andrews, Taiwo Adeniji, etc., brought the best brains in Infrastructure Finance to Abuja for AFC live to celebrate 10 years of purpose and infrastructure financing impact in Africa. As I sat on my seat at this glittering ceremony; Acting President Osinbajo gave a most inspiring speech and clarion call for public private collaboration to address Africa’s infrastructure deficit. As I was thinking, I said Chidi if you are given an opportunity to address AFC live what would say. I then wrote this speech which I am very happy to share with all as a way of reminding all that a lot of work still needs to be done to address the parlous state of infrastructure in Africa, but there is silver lining on the horizon and it’s called Public Private Partnerships.

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IPOB: The ants, Hyenas and purveyors of falsehood

Since the invasion of Igbo geographical entity in South East Nigeria, which has elicited widespread condemnation of the federal government and its military, a lot of government officials including the military have embarked on fire brigade public relations stunts meant to douse the tension they created among Nigerians and the international community with that ill-advised invasion.

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Ambodeism: An example in leadership

I SEEK the indulgence of readers in my coinage of the word Ambodeism, but one cannot completely explain the phenomenon called Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, the Governor of Lagos State, until one examines him as a central theme or perspective, projected as strong feeling, combining a mix of economic, political, social, moral and spiritual principles.

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