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MultiChoice Talent Factory: The Looming Film Revolution

Over the next few years, the Nigerian and, of course, the continent’s creative industries, will witness significant changes sufficient to bring about an appreciable leap in every facet.

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What does democracy offer Imo people?

WHAT does ideal democracy offer the people of Imo state? Ideally, democracy offers the people of Imo the promise that at the barest minimum, they should have unfettered opportunity to choose those to whom all Imo citizens can entrust with our welfare and collective development, those who will best represent Imo because our aggregated choices, counted as votes will make them our honest representatives taking our individual and collective interests before their personal and vested interests.

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RE: God is responsible for all the evil in the world

About a quarter of a century ago, while Femi Aribisala’s wife, Karen, was my teacher at the University of Lagos, a colleague of mine came to me and self-importantly announced: “God made all things; sin is a thing; therefore, God made sin.” I asked him whether he had ever heard of a thing called a spaceship and another called space travel, and whether God made either.

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Keystone Bank : Emerging whiz-kid on the banking block

Since the financial crisis that enveloped the global market a decade ago, the profitability and reputation of banks has been under tremendous pressure worldwide, Nigeria inclusive. Whilst the banking industry is now regaining its health, the entrant of fintechs and neo-banks in the industry is posing a new threat. This digital disruption is changing the traditional way through which customers obtain financial services, hence putting more pressure on banks’ profitability.

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On the gale of defections

ANYTIME I get to read about how our politicians engage in carpet-crossing from one party to another, I feel greatly troubled and unhappy for two reasons. First, it shows the level of indiscipline in the polity. Secondly, it gives one the impression that our journey to the enthronement of good governance and sustainable development is becoming a mirage. Perhaps, more than ever before in the annals of the country, the last few weeks have witnessed a litany of defections from one party to another that makes it difficult for one to sit down and adduce any sound justification for such actions.

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