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COVID-19 and FAAN: Avoiding a looming disaster


…A call to emulate Trump in saving Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, PH, Kano By Chris Aligbe The Covid-19 pandemic as declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is no longer a tale but a stark reality. Its global impact on all facets of human existence, from the social to the economic and from physical life itself
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Letter to my Christian Brothers

By Chekwube Adaba Dear Christians, Good day and happy Saturday to you all. Hope my letter is meeting you in good health? Hope the Coronavirus has not bitten you? We thank God for his mercies. Now straight to the point. My fellow Christians, please why do we allow ourselves to be fooled and hypnotized by
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Economic impact of COVID-19

Temi Okesanjo Coronavirus has affected hundreds of thousands of people, and the growing impact on the global economy calls for business leaders to take a lead in providing solutions on the evolving situations and implications of Covid-19 in the business sector. The question of whether the economy goes into a recession might be determined by
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COVID-19 and assault against freedom

By Emmanuel Umohinyang That all living things by nature love to enjoy their freedom to the fullest is an established fact. Though freedom is not absolute, even in the best democracies, those who are privileged to exercise such guard their liberty jealously. Therefore, when there is a threat to such rights, even animals frown most
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COVID-19: The burden of staying at home

By Adewale Kupoluyi THE sit-at-home directive meant to mitigate the adverse effects of the ravaging coronavirus disease, COVID-19, pandemic is timely and reasonable. It would be recalled that the federal and various state governments closed down institutions, schools and offices as preventive measures to curtail the spread of the deadly virus. Hence, parents, children and
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