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Appreciating Ugwuanyi’s renewed mandate @ 55


The good news about Enugu State under the watch of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is that since the governor entrusted the state to the hands of God, the goodness of God has continued to be made manifest in its affairs, to the delight of the people.

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Pius Adesanmi

Pius Adesanmi: The human oxymoron politicians must learn from

PROFESSOR Toyin Falola has put it most concisely: Pius Adesanmi is the man who leaves and lives. He argues that although Adesanmi is leaving the scene, still he lives. He’s gone, but he’s not done. He’s gone, but he’s still on. He’s dead, but not dust. There is more to Falola’s dirge than the lyrical alliteration. There’s also more to the oxymoron of a departure that yet defies an exit. To capture or press a point, you must confront it with its alter ego. To prove Adesanmi ‘lives’ on, you challenge his death with the greater fact of what he has left behind that offers the assurance of his being alive, as it were. You put the two opposite each other: Adesanmi’s death and his works and life that touched many he seems to have left orphaned.

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Atiku and the court option

The decision of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, to wage a legal challenge against the proclamation of President Muhammadu Buhari the winner of February 23, 2019, presidential election has not received the encouragement of a few informed minds in the country. One respected voice, for instance, thinks that Atiku should instead join hands with other well-meaning Nigerians, the civil society and like-minded politicians to help to properly set up and strengthen democratic structures capable of hamstringing the repeat in future elections of the large-scale malpractices that allegedly marred the last elections – an issue that constitutes the main plank of Atiku’s suit.

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A fraudulent leadership

THE video recording didn’t look staged and the little girl’s outburst also sounded credible. In this age of social media when everyone has become a performer determined to drive attention in their direction, it makes sense not to take everything one sees at face value. But so far, nothing has happened to make anyone question the authenticity of the little girl’s ranting bout as one made for the cameras.

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Re-founding the Nigerian state and Buhari’s next level

DESPITE sustained and uninterrupted civil rule in the nearly past two decades, the Nigerian state is essentially wobbling and even growing hollow. The ideals of the state expressed in its constitutional provisions are considerably constrained by institutions that should ordinarily facilitate its realisation. With the state increasingly rendered hollow, its institutional infrastructure is upended with a consequence of  serious critical deficit in the regular function of processes outlined in the constitutional framework. A hollow state is characterised by institutional weakness and re-configuring its structural framework as agitators for restructuring have vociferously espoused cannot compensate for institutional inertia and dysfunction. In fact, only a strong state, with sufficient institutional integrity and credibility can guarantee the fragmentary structure of a federal framework.

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PDP’s peculiar victory in Oyo State

THE 2019 general elections have shown the growing evolution and sophistication of the Nigerian electorate. Despite obvious lapses and controversies of inconclusiveness in some states, these elections have shown enlightened awareness and voter differentiation between political parties and personalities, ethnic and religious flags against their desire for good governance. The 2019 voters spoke with their votes, sending some opportunistic politicians who turned themselves to demi-gods into the dungeon of social and political insignificance. They replaced their loquacity with reticence.

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Akoko politics: Triumph over allied opposition

It will go down in the history of Akoko politics that Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo fought many battles before he could get elected as a House member to represent Akoko North East/Akoko North West federal constituency. He did fight oppositions from within and outside. There was no way BTO, as he is popularly called, could have won the election in spite of opposition from a sitting governor if not for the enthusiastic support of the people. Tunji-Ojo eventually triumphed over the allied opposition against all odds with 20,988 votes and thereby recorded the second highest victory margin of 8,021 votes in the entire state, after Hon. Adedayo Omolafe.

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