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The sinister plan to exterminate the Igbo, to eliminate IPOB by FFK

Mr. Jean-Claude Junker, the blunt, strong-willed and battle-tested President of the European Commission blew hot about the precarious plight of the Igbo people and the dangers faced by members of the Indegenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) in Nigeria last week.

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There is bad, there is disaster and there is HURIWA, Human Rights Writers Association. HURIWA is alleging extralegal killings in the implementation of Operation Python Dance II in the southeast geo-political zone and thinks that this is a justification for decentralizing the nation’s military assets.  

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Why ASUU is always the culprit

IN a potentially-great, but recklessly debased, nation like Nigeria, the constant vilification and debasement of intellectual labour, especially University teachers, speaks of many things. It is, first, an admission, by the ruling class, that Nigeria is a nation devoid of a national ethos: patriotism, hard work, courage, honesty and dedication.  It is, second, an admission of the fact that Nigeria is a nation without a soul and a future; a country where vision and humanistic sympathy has taken leave of the ruling class and consequently the entire citizens daily face the future of a thousand mirages. But it is also an open admission of the fact that the ship of the Nigerian state is not only rudderless, it has also embarked on a directionless voyage that has all the potential of a tragedy. 

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Listen Nigeria! A revelation for the future!

There is a declared war over Nigeria. But the Nigerian people are fighting the wrong battle. As the hidden foe dazes the people, they rush out, guess in the air, look around but would see no one. So confusion, frustration, anger and suspicion have multiplied that neighbors are no longer neighbors but suspects and foes. But the real foe goes untouched meanwhile. This has caused deep erosion of mistrust and apathy between people and people, land and land

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