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Taming herdsmen: The Ugwuanyi example

There is a code of conduct that both the host communities and herdsmen groups are made to pay damage in the event any side being found guilty of first provocation, destruction or attack.

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Why I stand with Buhari – Adesina

These are very difficult times in our country. Sad, mournful and dolorous times, as the New Year opened with killings in Rivers, Kaduna, Taraba, and Benue states, among others. Of course, there had been gruesome carnage on the Mambilla plateau mid last year, and bloodletting in Numan, Adamawa State, as well as in other places. Hell suddenly seemed to have enlarged itself against Nigeria. Sincere condolences to those who are grieving and mourning the loss of loved ones.

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Captain Hosa Okunbo @ 60: A salute to conqueror of land, sea and air

Captain (Dr) Idahosa Wells Okunbo JP, is a model, a case study of success who in his life and business experiences has traversed the land, sea and the air. At 21 he became a pilot, at 30 he had logged in 7,500 hours of flying time as a commercial jet plane pilot. Many years later, he ventured into agriculture where his company, Well Farm Limited, has invested millions of dollars in green house farming and agro-allied business in Edo State.

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