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The orphan called Nigeria

Nigeria Independence Day

Being an orphan is more commonly associated with a child who has lost one or both parents. A deeper meaning of the word however says that a person or a thing without a protective affiliation is equally an orphan. In this context therefore, Nigeria can be regarded as an orphan in my estimation.

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Nigeria’s FDI potential and its undoing

IN February 2018, Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo described MTN as a classic example of the many success stories of Foreign Direct Investments, FDIs, in Nigeria. Prof. Osinbajo noted this much during the launch of a policy laboratory aimed at accelerating the intervention of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, ERGP. The ERGP initiative is catalyst for the required $35 billion to bridge Nigeria’s massive infrastructure gap over a six to seven year period. The deficit in Nigeria’s infrastructure is the main reason it was listed as the country with the largest number of poor people in the world. As the  pressure from a lack of resources in power, roads, education, healthcare and industrial capacity continue to erode the quality of life for an exploding population, our government officials – career civil servants and political appointees alike – play hard and fast with one of the most globally effective tried and tested mechanisms for bridging these gaps; public private partnerships, PPP, backed by foreign investment.

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President Obasanjo & Alhaji Atiku Abubakar : A reconciliation not an endorsement by Kukah

I have deliberately made this explanatory note long because I think it is necessary that people make up their minds based on the facts, given my central role in the event. I note that Sheikh Gumi has already told his own side of the story. I feel obliged to state my own side so that Nigerians can have a clearer picture of my own involvement. Sadly, I personally did not read President Obasanjo’s statement until two days later on the Internet since I was not physically in the hall.

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Edo APC Legislative primaries: Orhionmwon/Uhunmwonde as case study

SINCE  the inception of the country’s political party system, primaries have been conducted virtually in all the political parties to nominate their candidates for elections. These intra-party elections have been conducted on the field either by direct or indirect primaries or by consensus reached by leaders and aspirants vying for the same position.

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GTI: What the world need to learn from The Nigerian Army

The Global Terrorism Index is a tool that has been developed to help governments understand whether and how they are making progress in containing insurgencies or hostile to the state or specific communities.  The Index derives its scores by measuring the direct and indirect impact of terrorism.  This includes the number of lives lost, injuries, property damage, business impact (closings and lost revenue), as well as the psychological effects on the communities affected.

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