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Need to celebrate outstanding art teachers: The CBIS example

Need to celebrate outstanding art teachers: The CBIS example

Nigerian is a country where teachers are rarely celebrated. But Caleb British International School (CBIS), courtesy of the Director, Dr. Ola Adebogun, recently presented half a million naira to Prince Olusegun Michael Adeniyi, recipient of the president’s Teachers and Schools Excellence Award, BEST SCHOOL TEACHER (Private Category) 2019. It was presented by Mrs Adeniyi of Lagos State Ministry of education at the Accolade Assembly, CBISSPort Arena on January 29, 2020.

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Africa cultural heritage

Spoken-word poets as griots of Africa’s cultural heritage

The tradition of rendering what is today known as the spoken word poetry to a live audience is an age-long feature of Africa’s traditional poems. Verbalization of poems in the form of songs, chants, praises, incantations, et cetera is characteristic of African traditional poetry. However, the emergence of the print media and subsequent preference for written literature had relegated this to an obscure background until recent developments in literature, technology and communication triggered its phenomenal re-emergence.

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Sunny Okonkwo

I love making movies that convey vital messages to my audience — Sunny Okonkwo

Sunny Okonkwo made his mark in the Nigerian entertainment industry by being an advocate of humanity through filmmaking. He is first an economist and a business analyst with expertise in business analytics and intelligence. He is the chairman of Libra Scale World, a production company addressing societal problems with life-changing movies. In this Interview with CHINASA AFIGBO, he reveals his passion for inspiring young people to dream big dreams

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