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Infinix to reward 21 customers for Independence Promo

Infinix Mobility is celebrating Nigeria @ 57 as the brand aims to reward 21 customers with BIG gifts. The reward promotion which will run from September 12 to 28, 2017 will have customers winning 14 standing fans and seven 43-inch televisions.’ Infinix introduced the Infinix independence reward for its customers and fans looking to purchase
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NIMC in N3.5bn mismanagement scandal

AFTER hordes of criticisms over its pronouncement that those without National Identification Number, NIN, may not be issued with international passports, the Nigerian Identity Management Commission, NIMC, is in trouble once again. This time, the commission is enmeshed in fund mismanagement scandal. The money involved is said to be in  tune of N3,451 billion which the Auditor General of the federation said he has already queried the Director General of the Commission for.

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Tips on getting your ideal laundry technology

WASHING machines,in the 90s, were considered household appliances for aristocracy and poorly trained females. With the coming of the jet age and the high rising population of working women, washing machines have become a time saving necessity for every household, as clean clothes are the desire of not just the rich but the upper middle class, middle class and the low income earners. Everyone likes clean clothes.

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