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Do you agree with OBJ that Buhari plans to rig election? (1)


From all indications, Obasanjo might just be right, judging from the elections conducted under this administration,  from Edo to Ondo to Ekiti to Osun, these elections were widely believed to have been massively rigged. I hope President Buhari will prove Obasanjo wrong by allowing free and fair election.

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Why some banks fail, others succeed – Amangbo, Zenith Bank CEO

It is quite challenging when you look at it globally. If you look at what happened from 2015 when we had massive drop in oil  prices, it virtually affected almost every country but it affected us more as an oil  producer and as a country that relies so much on foreign revenue from oil. So that in itself was a big challenge on its own. But the key thing is that our previous fundamentals have always been based on prudence in Zenith Bank.

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