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Better deal for our teachers

It is a known fact that everybody who is somebody in society was trained by teachers. The world takes the status of teachers very seriously. This is why  October 5 every year is set aside to celebrate the World Teacher’s Day through the partnership of the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF; United Nations Development Project, UNDP; United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO; International Labour Organisation, ILO and Education International.

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Tax, Anambra, VAT

Enough of tax burdens on Nigerians

Since the evolution of government, tax imposition on people has always been a vexatious issue, and revolt against taxes considered unjust had played significant roles in the collapse of empires like the Egyptian, Roman, Spanish and Aztec. Similarly, the Magna Carta, the American and the French Revolutions are few examples of historic events that either originated as a tax revolt or had it as a component.  

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Nigerians still sold as slaves?

IN May 1807, Britain abolished the slave trade. A few months later on January 1, 1808, the US followed suit. Thus, slave trade, man’s greatest inhumanity to man perpetrated mainly against Blacks and Africans, became an international taboo, though it continued (albeit illegally) in some parts of the world where religion and culture accommodated it.

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