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He doesn’t show much passion!

He Doesn’t Show Much Passion!

Dear Bunmi, My boyfriend is great in many ways, and I love him to bits. The problem is he never makes me feel special. I know there are more things in a relationship than mushy cards and presents, but I need some romance in my life. In the two years, we’ve been together, he’s never
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Disgusting things men do in relationships

Apparently, no woman likes to be cheated on, bad morning breaths, wearing the same underwear for days, farting, over-sized ego, lies, being taken for granted, being taken advantage of etc. These are most of the things we find disgusting in relationships, but we tend to compromise or be quiet about some, just so we don’t hurt your feelings.

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How girls ward off guys they don’t like

A quick look at this scenario: You’re pretty – at least that’s what everyone says, and you’ve got this not so fine, not so rich guy who’s been on your neck for the past five years. Yeah! You’re right. That’s creepy! He wouldn’t stop. He seems to always have his ways around getting your contact details. 

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Caught in the mother/daughter web!

Believe it or not, I am a virgin at 25. My problem now is that my boss and her daughter are trying to get me into bed. After I finished at law school, my mom arranged for me to work in her friend’s chambers, to gain experience. Sadly, my mother recently lost her battle against breast cancer. She died, leaving me devastated, and my boss said if I ever needed anyone to talk to, she would always be there for me.

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