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Hubby left for a richer older woman

MY husband was the love of my life and I thought we would grow old together. I did everything for him for the 12 years of our marriage and made our marriage as comfortable and happy as I possibly could. Then I started hearing tales of him being around an older woman who ran a chain of restaurants. When I confronted him, he denied everything, saying his family was more important to him.

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Life in family slave camps

Since infidelity is almost an acceptable norm for most men in our society, have you ever wondered what you would do, if you caught your spouse with another woman? This was the focus of my discussion with a handful of women after one of our women’s association meetings recently. Each woman had her own strategy, determined by events and circumstances. It was much fun like I’d not had in a while as we reeled with laughter at many of the stories.

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Cheating with my ex!

I‘m currently married to a widower who is a smashing husband and father to my two children from my first marriage. He has three children of his own. I still have to get in touch with my ex to discuss the children’s welfare from time to time and we have sex whenever we could. We’ve always been sexually compatible.

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