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My mother-in-law really makes me sick!

My husband is an only child and the apple of his mum’s eyes. When we met, his mum was still doing all his washing and bringing over his meals after work every day! I soon put a stop to all that and tried to establish boundaries. I thought we were getting somewhere, but since I got pregnant, she’s gone over-drive. It’s her first grandchild and she’s even hinting on being there at the birth, although I’ve told her that wouldn’t be necessary. I should be excited about our first child, but she’s making me nervous.

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Why can’t i find a genuine man?

After 15 years of marriage,  my husband and I parted ways four years ago after I couldn’t condone his numerous affairs. Six months after, I met someone else and he encouraged me to move in with him so we could save the rent on my flat. That union lasted less than a year. I later met a man whom I thought was my age mate, only to discover that he was nine years younger. A few of my friends convinced me that age was no longer a barrier these days and we became a couple.

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When you kid yourself, it’s you, that toyboy is after! – Bunmi Sofola

PULLING a toyboy is not without its set-back. An aging woman lusting after a stud must be  prepared to give back something much more than she can afford. Having a fling is one thing, but making a main meal of the desert could be taking things a bit too far on the optimism scale. Quite a number of women have had their share of toy-boys and the humiliation that goes with it. A recent victim is Mosun, Mo for short.

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