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Lots of women would go for a rich man any day!

Have you ever wondered how those girls with no particular good jobs and no comfortable mummy and daddy live a well as they do?  How they managed to buy every expensive ‘aso-ebi’ going?  How they run posh SUVs, and buy real jewellery, including diamonds?

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Her cruel taunts put me off sex

My ex-girlfriend left me feeling so paranoid about sex that I am now nervous about getting involved with women again. I suffer from premature ejaculation and she made me feel like it was my fault and somehow I was doing it just to spite her. She kept telling me only “kids” suffer from it and I should ‘grow up’ and learn to satisfy a woman.

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Will you dump him if he loses his libido!?

If you’re not sexually compatible with your partner, it’s going to put a huge strain on your relationship. Goes without saying that sexual satisfaction is really important in keeping both people happy. But what happens if your man suddenly loses his libido or has a sharp drop in his performance level?  Will you give him the elbow?!

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