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My wife beats me for getting home late, man tells court

Oluwatosin Bakare, an Ibadan-based businessman, on Wednesday told an Ile-Tuntun Customary Court sitting in Mapo, Ibadan, to dissolve his seven-year-old union to his wife, Enitan, because she frequently beats him.

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Warning to women – Social drinking can easily turn you to alcoholics!

With virtually all ‘heavy’ A list parties being dominated by women, it stands to reason that most of the exotic drinks, especially alcohol, would be guzzled by them. Little wonder that women are increasingly being told they’re are drinking too much, consuming more alcohol than ever before. Binge drinking, where you knock back the stuff at social outings is now a favourite activity.

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The setback in deferred motherhood

“As a young girl, having a family was something I dreamed of and assumed would happen. But then the education system swallowed me up, and nothing in it tells you that having a baby any time soon is a good idea,” says Anita now in her 40s and a successful entrepreneur. “My parents’ divorce put me off too. I became anxious of being betrayed during every relationship until I finally met someone I could reasonably trust at the age of 38. He was a divorced father of four, and wasn’t really keen on starting another family at 43. But he was willing to give it a go so I could have a child of my own.

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Untamed desires

I love it when friends and readers respond to topics discussed here and then it leads to another. After reading Lande and Kemi’s story published penultimate weekend, I had the opportunity to discuss with friends who wanted to share their opinion as well as talk about unwholesome personal experiences with in-laws generally and bothers-in-law specifically.

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