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World Death Penalty Day: CSOs, lawyers raise concern over plight of unseen victims

Lawyers SARS

Today October 10 is World Day against the Death Penalty. A day set aside every year to globally advocate for the abolition of the death penalty. The theme for this year is  Children, Unseen Victims. The aim is to raise awareness on the rights of children whose parents have been sentenced to death or executed.

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environmental sanitation

Illegality of forceful restriction of movement on account of environmental sanitation

ON September 28, 2019, residents of states such as Oyo, Ekiti and Ogun will be restricted to their homes from 7.00 am to about 9.00 am or 10.00 am. The restriction, which is observed in several other states of the Federation on the last Saturday of every month, was first introduced by the military to force Nigerians to remain indoors and clean their surroundings. However, 20 years after the end of military rule, Nigerians are still stuck with this relic from our past.

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Intellectual property protection key to creating jobs—US envoy, others

By Innocent Anaba United States Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, Kathleen FitzGibbon has said that strong intellectual property rights protection was essential to creating jobs and opening new markets for goods and services in Nigeria. Chargé FitzGibbon stated this at a two-day Intellectual Property, IP, symposium on the “The Bane of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and Piracy,” in Lagos.
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Insecurity of land title in Lagos: Suggestions for reforms

Presently, land transaction in Lagos state is chaotic. Lawlessness, violence, murder, arson, wanton destruction of properties are regular fallouts of dispute arising from land transactions. This is as a result of multiple sales of land to different purchasers by the land owning families. In most cases, the buyer purchases law suits and litigations while the families smile to the bank. Central to all these are the Omo oniles, the unscrupulous members of land owning families, land agents and mercenaries called land grabbers.

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P&ID: Arbitration agreement must be carefully, robustly negotiated, drafted

The Final Award that resulted in the judgment was made in arbitration proceedings relating to a dispute between P&ID and the FRN arising out of a Gas Supply and Processing Agreement (the “GSPA”). This agreement, dated 11 January 2010, was entered into between P&ID and the FRN, acting by its Ministry of Petroleum Resources (“the Ministry”).  By an arbitral Final Award dated 31 January 2017, made by a tribunal consisting of Sir Anthony Evans, Chief Bayo Ojo SAN, and Lord Hoffmann (“the Tribunal”), P&ID was awarded US$6,597,000,000. The majority was comprised of Sir Anthony Evans and Lord Hoffmann, with Chief Bayo Ojo SAN dissenting.

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Code of Conduct Tribunal: A clash between judiciary, executive powers (2)

The clash between judicial and executive powers has been a constant source of anxiety in all contemporary societies which are committed to the principles of the Rule of Law. It is this same anxiety that has induced such writers as John Locke and Montesquieu to conceive the idea that political liberty would be an illusion ifpowers were not demarcated and placed in different hands.

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