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The long search for Aare Ona Kakanfo

The announcement of Otunba Gani Adams as the new Aare Ona Kankanfo of Yorubaland has been received with surprise. The leader of the Odua People’s Congress, OPC, the reign of the new Yoruba warlord, is faced with issues and challenges that could define his tenure.

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The Debt Debate: Deconstructing the debt story by Kemi Adeosun

National debt is an emotive issue as well as an economic one. The thought of saddling future generations with unserviceable debt, is not conscionable and certainly not part of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led-administration’s agenda. It is therefore, worthy of an intervention on my part to explain the history, the short-term strategy and the medium to long term outlook for our economy.

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Govt must deepen policies to encourage growth — Lawson

Nigeria’s population estimate of over 180 million people, accounts for about 47% of the total estimated population of West Africa but in addition to its strategic geographical location and abundant natural and human resources, one still begs the question as to why a country so privileged, is yet unable to reach its full potential after 57 years of independence?

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Visionary leadership will take Nigeria there – ASUU

At independence in 1960, Nigeria ranked among potentially leading countries of the world. With her enormous endowments in human and natural resources, it was projected that the country should, within five decades or less, compete favourably with any among the former colonisers of Africa in Euro-America. But, 57 years down the line, Nigeria’s story has remained a tale of stunted growth and inexplicable underdevelopment.

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