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$9.6 BN: Interest growing by $1m a day – Bloomberg

P&ID, IOC, Natural Gas, $9.6 BN, oil and gas.

The oilfield fires of the Niger Delta burn day and night. Metal pipes snake through the swampland, spewing flames so vast they cast the sky in apocalyptic orange. Southern Nigeria sits atop a bubbling stew of oil and gas. Companies want only the former, so they incinerate the latter. The industry calls it “flaring.”

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Niger Delta, $9.6BN, P&ID

$9.6BN: ‘P&ID is a ghost!’

Adiabo-Odupani, a riverine fishing community situated on the banks of Calabar River on the outskirts of Eastern Calabar, Cross River State capital, is in the eye of the storm following the claim by Process & Industrial Development, P&ID, that it was supposed to have built a plant there to convert gas being flared in the oil-rich Niger Delta to electricity.

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Tsav, Army, police

Military rule brought rivalry between police and Army — Ex-Police Commissioner Tsav

A retired Police Commissioner, who served in Lagos State among others, Abubakar Tsav, in this interview, traces the rivalry between the Army and police to military rule, saying the powers of the police were appropriated by the military after the January 15, 1966 coup. He also offers solutions to the age-long bitterness between the two security agencies.

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Friday Okonofua, Health care, Medical Education

Changing archetypal medical education system for transformational health care

Distinguished Guests, Ladies, and Gentlemen, the purposes of this memorial lecture are to first identify the major challenges in the delivery of comprehensive and high-quality health care services; and next share my firsthand experience of developing a non-traditional health sciences educational curriculum at UNIMED to address these challenges. In Nigeria, changing established dogmas and doctrines concerning the training of healthcare professionals is daunting and certainly not a tea party. As such, I will highlight in this presentation some of the difficulties experienced in this process, and also share what we have done to confront these challenges.

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