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Can our politicians save Nigeria?

Let’s get real. The answer is “No.” They can’t. Certainly not the vast majority of the dominant political leadership class we have in our country today.

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The Yoruba and the quest for true federalism in Nigeria

I was a beneficiary of sound and qualitative education  given and derived from the core Western Region qua State from my primary school, through to secondary school, and up to higher school (HSC). I stand here to pay tributes to the then Premiers and Military Governors of the then Western Region/State in those days. As at today, it appears no State, particularly from the South West, is in control of the education syllabus of primary and secondary school pupils and students respectively. I venture to ask, perhaps for my education, whether primary and secondary school students in the entire

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Restructuring: What is it? ‘Give a good system to bad managers; they will run it aground’

What have we been able to establish with oil money? Virtually nothing! If you establish today, you can’t maintain. They are not interested in the maintenance; they are interested in what they are going to put in the pocket. They put 10 percent in the development and the rest into the pocket unlike before the war, when politicians stole 10 percent and put the rest into development.

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