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Scarcity or not, fuel hawkers are king II

PERSONAL experienceVanguard INSIGHT’s experience at NNPC Kosofe bus-stop, along Ikorodu/Mile 12   Road, in Lagos was an eye opener in this regard as some motorists who were on queue for more than three hours on a particular night could not get the commodity to buy. However, information later  filtered in that it was being sold at a nearby taxi park.  Approached for information on fuel purchase,  one of the attendants actually advised our correspondent to go to the taxi park to source for the commodity.

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Buhari: Positive change is still possible

Collectively, as a people we have failed Nigeria; destroyed it! Castrated it! Right now, the nation is being built on falsehood because as a people, we have filtered away its pride and strength as the most populous black nation in the world. We have lost the foundation upon which the nation was created by the founding fathers that fought for our independence. We have lost a country. This is the irony of a country called Nigeria.

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The contribution of indigenous operators to sustainable development and economic growth

Oil and Gas companies over the years have been accused of either evading taxes or shortchanging the government in paying the accurate taxes and levies. Though most of these accusations are not backed by empirical evidence indicting these companies, their case is not helped by the fact that the revenue from the oil and gas industry has not been able to meet the numerous needs of Nigeria as a country.

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Trump’s speech calls for introspection – Ex-Gov Obi

The former Gov. of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has advised  Africans and African leaders to stop brooding over President Donald Trump’s speech describing African countries as Shitholes and focus on development to prove Trump  and others sharing the same view wrong. He said such speeches questioning our fundamental being and existence called for introspection and self examination to see where we have gone wrong and make amends.

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