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Electricity: The high cost of living in darkness

This is the concluding part of this report which was first published yesterday. In that edition, it was understood that there is no way the country can have power supply without adjusting tariffs because currently the DISCOs are running at a loss

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Kurunmi: Self sacrifice, obduracy in defence of tradition

By the time Kurunmi became Kakanfo, the Oyo Empire was already in decline as a result of the events leading from the rebellion of the 6th Kakanfo, Afonja, and the loss of Ilorin to the Sokoto Caliphate, in addition to internal wranglings and power plays that saw the crowning and demise of about four Alaafin in rapid succession. One of the Alaafin that succeeded Aole was Labisi, who had a powerful Prime Minister, or Basorun, called Gaha, or Gaa.

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Afonja: The Kakanfo and fall of Oyo empire

Of the 14 Kakanfo so far, the tenures of three of them who were military commanders considerably impacted the history of, first, the Old Oyo Empire, and by extension, the rest of Yorubaland. The three Kakanfo are Afonja of Ilorin, Kurunmi of Ijaye, and Obadoke Latoosa of Ibadan. The last two of the 14, who were civilians and honorary holders of the title nevertheless impacted the history of Yorubaland, and also the entire Nigerian nation.

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Dr Indimi: Businessman with knack for social investments

THE Vanguard Businessman of the Year is conferred, not just on any rich man, but specifically, on one with impact and imprint on the industry he/ she operates in, as well as creating diversified value in the industry value chain and the society at large. In 2017, Alhaji (Dr.) Muhammadu Indimi (OFR) fits the several measures employed by Vanguard Editors in selecting one out of the so many qualified Nigerians. 

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