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As God Promised (1) – Lazarus Muoka

Definite, positive, sure and certain are the promises of God and all of them are well est-ablished in and through Him. The promises are yea with respect to God’s capacity and amen, with respect to men who believe the promises.

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Adjustment in marriage

Though marriage involves mankind of both sexes—man and woman—yet they do not grow up from the same parental home or back-ground. Even if they do, each person has his or her own different traits and temperament. Marriage concerns two separate ent-ities with different back-ground, ideology, concept of life, religious believe and sometimes ethnicity of which when these people come together, they are free, coming with all their sen-timents.

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Growing insecurity worries Christian group

A trans-denominational Christian organization, the Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship (NCGF), recently held its 42nd Annual National Conference, in Port Harcourt where it expressed grave apprehension about the growing level of insecurity in Nigeria occasioned by terrorism, armed robbery, kidnapping, agi-tations and hate speeches by individuals and groups, as well as the unrestrained criminal activities of so-called Fulani herdsmen across the country.

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