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Interesting world of bum bum girls of Nollywood

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There are nature’s gifts that cannot be kept quiet because they are so loud and too glaring for anyone to miss. Such is the case of women blessed with extraordinary backside. For most women, it is as good a blessing as it could be a burden.

‘Realizing my Hollywood dream comes with hard work’

For those in Nollywood, who are constantly glamourising our screens, keeping what God has given them from public glare is as easy as running a camel through the eye of a needle.

In Nollywood, there are many women blessed with curvaceous, shapely and big butts, but here are some who have at one time or another expressed something interesting about their gift of nature.

Some men masturbate watching my bum —Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph, clearly isn’t a woman who believes women should be seen and not heard. This opinionated actress and singer is ever ready to air her opinion on any issue regardless of how sensitive the issue is.

Recently, Anita took a swipe at people who criticised her for posting raunchy, sexy pictures on the social media, saying the only person who has a right over her is the man who pays her bill.

“Some Nigerians are hypocrites and pretenders. A lot of them used my pictures to masturbate and feel good, yet condemn it. The last time I checked, my boobs and bum are still strong and beautiful.”

Daniella Okeke

I have a mean ass —Daniella Okeke

It is impossible to ignore this Lagos Cougar  actress. Even she had boasted on Instagram that “ I have a mean ass”. Nobody prompted her, it was something that must have been playing on her mind and she posted it on her Instagram page. Is it just possible to ignore this piece of art crafted by God? She’s 10 out of 10 as far as girls with most curvacious and tantalising bums in Nollywood

People embarrass me a lot because of my big ass  —Evia Simon

Evia Simon is sexy and beautiful but if you miss anything about the up and coming star, her massive buttocks is sure never to be missed. Even Evia herself says her ‘bum’ has caused her embarrassments too often than she cares to remember, not only from men but also from women.

“Yeah, it’s true. My ass gives me undue attention and even to me, it can be so embarrassing sometimes. At times I don’t just feel happy about it. Of course, there are other girls who are shapely, sexy, and beautiful, but you know, this is me and they are them. I don’t know what they are passing through, but I know that I’m passing through hell daily. Even girls get funny about it sometimes.”

I’ve had many harassments on the streets. People embarrass me a lot because of my big ass.”

My bum is all natural, no implants— Princess Chidinma

One fan has warned this up and coming Nollywood bundle of sex appeal to stop seducing people with her sexy bum or else. If you know Princess Jolie on any of the social media, the first thing you will notice is her sexy butt and she stops at nothing in flaunting them.There is even a rumor that she had a butt enhancement job on her butt but the actress vehemently denied it. “People can talk shit, hip enhancement? Did they do it for me? My bum is all natural, no implants” she queried

I’m very active in bed with my bum — Didi Ekanem

Google this girl’s name and see if you have not bitten more than you can chew. All that will come greeting you is bum, bum and bum in different shades of lusciousness. She is a native of Akwa Ibom and a graduate of Linguistics and Communications. When Potpourri once asked her if it is true that girls with big bums are lazy in bed, hear her answer: “I will speak for myself, because I feel girls with big bums are usually very lazy in bed, but for me I’m very active, so I will just speak for myself. I’m very flexible with my bum. “You are very flexible with your bum?”, we asked again and she replied, “Of course, I use it very well.”

Of all my assets, my butt is my favorite — Tracy Obonna

Nigerian-born, US-based actress and model,Tracy Obonna is known as the ‘African Bombshell’, not for any other reason but for her shapely, curvy hips and bum. The actress once said she works so hard to maintain her shape.

“I love my body and I work out three times a week to keep it this way, so why not show it off now that I’m fresh and young. I love my assets, both bum and boobs, that’s why, don’t get me wrong, I will wear a low cut top and show off the girls(boobs) sometimes, but my butt is my favorite. I am just crazy about them,” she told Potpourri in an interview.

Guys stop whatever they are doing to stare when I walk by — Angel Christopher

Angel Christopher is not exactly your shy type. Many times, the actress has had to battle and survive controversies to stay on course of her career. She is a talented actress but beside the talent, there is her backside that cannot be kept quiet. Angel knows she’s got the goods and she spares no one the delights her nice, curvy butt brings.

“I have got a wonderful hips and boobs,” she once told Potpourri. “Whenever I walk along the streets, guys stop whatever they are doing just to stare at me. Both the young and the old are captivated by my curvy body. An old woman saw me some days ago and said “my daughter you are really beautiful, hope you thank your God everyday for making you this special.” And I smiled and said “yes ma.” So, this is what I see every day,” she said.

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