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Power sector stinks — Labour

ORGANISED Labour is alarmed by the huge public funds spent on the nation’s power since 1999, with little or nothing to show for it, besides power outages and crazy bills compounded by crass inefficiency. While recent reports claim that more than N11trillion has been spent between 1999 and now, experts are of the opinion that the funds expended on the sector in the last 18 years, is far more than N11trillion.

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Don’t be deceived, employers will pay new minimum wage – Eburajolo

I have always said that respect is the basis for any civilized relationship either between workers and employees or between government and ordinary man in the street. One of the basic requirements of respect is by promising and fulfilling. We agreed that minimum wage will be reviewed every five years, that is the understanding. For goodness sake, at least, let us have a minimum wage committee that will try to explain or make some adjustments so that the workforce will believe that they are not being taking for granted.

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Don’t be deceived, employers will pay new minimum wage —Eburajolo

ORGANISED Labour agitation for a new national minimum wage has received a boost from unexpected quarters where many have argued that a new minimum wage is not feasible at this time of economic recession. But in an interview with Labour Vanguard, a renowned industrial relations expert and Group Deputy Managing Director, Kewalram Chanrai Group, Mr. Victor Eburajolo, believes the Nigerian economy stands to benefit more from the new wage, contending that Organised Labour is not doing enough to push for an upward review of the national minimum wage.

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