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Putting God under house arrest

Jesus was going into Jericho, and blind Bartimaeus repeatedly shouted for help but Jesus did not answer him. On his departure from Jericho, Bartimaeus was still by the wayside. When he realized it was Jesus passing by again, he cried out so much more than before and made a complete nuisance of himself.

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Learning to swim without getting wet

HE National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas  Workers, NUPENG, one of the most militant unions in African labour history, last week marked its fortieth anniversary. Back in 1994 when the military held Nigeria in vile grip, NUPENG sent out a call for the unions to rescue the country. The regime of General Sani Abacha was particularly brutish, nasty and bloody. It was a dictatorship that had no rules, respected none and included the bombing of buses especially those conveying soldiers, as part of governance. Not surprisingly, other unions including the central labour organisation, the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, chickened out.

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My wife ignored my warning and paid with her life and that of our son – Salihu, bereaved husband

“Within a twinkle of an eye, the boat capsized but another boat that was coming back to Lafiagi from Niger saw us and moved to rescue us. Five persons were taken out of the river.   That we survived is the grace of God as we were left with only our pants on as our wrappers were taken away by tidal waves”.

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The priesthood and the political mercenary

Father Mbaka is an ordained priest of the Catholic Church. He is revered in Enugu. He   is a household name in Igbo land.   Many cardinals aren’t that lucky.   His adoration ministry meets the spiritual and physical needs of his   poor   and desperate flock. Father Mbaka’s sermons talk about heaven but they are known   for their blistering political contents. Mbaka perhaps understands that bad governance is worse than all the Mosaic plagues that befell Pharaoh’s country men.    His poor congregation therefore sees him   more as a freedom fighter than a distributor of holy communion. If Father Mbaka has acquired many antagonists it is because of his rampant foray into politics from the shield of the Catholic Pulpit. His style is pugnacious.   His   bishops as a big head priest with a loose tongue.  

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