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NNPC diversification and UniProtein concerns

By Sonny Atumah The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC last week in Abuja said it was considering a joint venture partnership with a Danish firm, Unibio for the production of natural gas derived feed protein for animals. The NNPC Group Managing Director represented by the Chief Operating Officer, Ventures, Dr. Babatunde Adeniran disclosed this in
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Let your differences work for you

You must have heard or seen divorced or separated couples cite “irreconcilable differences.” But most times, differences are only irreconcilable because of ego, poor management of the differences and rigidity (in marriage there is nothing like it must be my way always. Sometimes you must shift ground, especially if your spouse’s position or line of thought is better). Ideally, irreconcilable differences should not arise after marriage because all such core issues should have been dealt with during courtship.

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The flip side of Trump’s ‘America First’ sentiment

For the first time since the Williams’ sisters took the centre stage, two Black American women this month found themselves in the Finals of the US Open. In fact, for the first time ever, three Black American women were in the Semis. The commentators, most of them Americans since the tournament took place on American soil, gushed about how good it all was for American tennis. They all found it convenient to be colour blind.

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Ten reasons to restructure Nigeria

ANY honest observer, who has seen how Nigeria has steadily and systematically moved from being a country of great promise to a country of great problems; anyone who knows that you have to look back to the past, instead of look forward, to see this country’s best years of national and regional progress, its years of great public and missionary schools and great education, of proud infrastructural achievements and the best life experiences – any such honest observer? can easily list more than a hundred reasons why Nigeria needs restructuring to stop the drift towards the development abyss.

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