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Sowore for President

The Parties – PDP and APC – are straight out of the same rule book. They sound the same. They feel the same. Yes, PDP was a “den of thieves and killers.” When APC took the power the thieves and the killers moved their den to the APC. That’s how this works

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Saying No!

I guess in the corporate space the choices are limited you must please your boss, employees and colleagues. The office setting is where you are given duties which are influenced by your performance, equally tied to your appraisal, your promotion and your growth within the organization. 

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Whose help do you need?

Brethren, it is a season of the manifestation of the power of God in many living churches.  While some like the Redeemed Christian Church of God and The Apostolic Church had their annual conventions, Love of Christ Chapel International Ministries just concluded its Apostolic 40 days prayer retreat special programme.   Other churches held similar programmes.

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No fuel

That N17 bn to track imported fuel: Witticism or joke

Between June and July 1925, Will Rogers (1879-1935) comedian, newspaper columnist, film and radio star, and political satirist revealed his encounter with the 30th President of the United States Calvin Coolidge. Asked how his funny stories were all thought up, Rogers a regular guest to the first family for light-hearted jokes replied: “I don’t make jokes, Mr. President; I watch the government and report the facts.”

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