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On Obasanjo’s Warri verdict


A FEW days after the 2018 Global Terrorism Index categorised Nigeria as the third most terrorised country in the world after Iraq and Afghanistan, former President Olusegun Obasanjo gave an unusual but brutally frank assessment of the Boko Haram insurgency in the country with a damning verdict on the mission of the terror group.

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Daughters of Jerusalem, I weep for Emeka!

I HAVE written before expressing my deep concern about the attitudes and behaviour of some of our youths. But we must not be unfair. We as a society have actually failed our youths. Nigeria has become as cruel and heartless as the proverbial desert ostrich. We have mortgaged the future of our youths. In our own days, having a good degree was enough guarantee of a great future. Today, even having a masters and a doctorate guarantees you nothing. If your parents are influential – like emirs, chiefs, ministers or senators – letters of employment are delivered to your home from top public organisations without a job application or interview. But if you are the son or daughter of a pauper with a first class honours degree you are condemned to wandering the streets for years.

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Thank God, May 29 is no longer Democracy Day

GOVERNOR Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State is a learned lawyer. He meant well for the state. One of the most laudable steps he took was signing into law the bill establishing the Public Property and Funds Recovery Tribunal 2017 aimed at recovering all stolen public assets and funds. The Tribunal has the mandate to recover state assets, including properties and monies stolen by past government officials, civil servants, companies, individuals and also prosecute looters.

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