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Nigeria: A long prayer searching for an amen

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HOW we can liberate the 82 million Nigerians trapped under the poverty line, was the task I was given by the Wilson Badejo Foundation, WBF. So on August 13, at the Nigeria Institute of International Affairs, NIIA, Lagos, I stood before a packed audience. This included Dr Wilson Adebogun Badejo, the immediate past general overseer of the Four Square Church, his successor, Reverend Felix Meduoye, the church’s in-coming general overseer, Reverend Sam Aboyeji and many men and women of God.

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Pedestrian Etiquette

Very rarely do we walk long distances to get from one place to another, we are used to jumping into the nearest vehicle as it always seems that everyone is in a hurry. Several years ago a major event that attracted thousands of people caused an unpredicted traffic jam that turned out to be a complete standstill with hardly any movement at all.

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If taking five months to do what other nations require only maximum of four days to finish is regarded as wisdom here, then the two branches of government will have to explain to us and the whole world why none of the 10,000 Health Centres promised to Nigerians had been built despite the fact that a Minister of Health was appointed so late in 2015

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Ike Ekweremadu

Did Senator Ike Ekweremadu deserve his German experience?

It sounded unbelievable that a ranking Senator could be so disgraced— I found parts of the footage really embarrassing —in a foreign land by his own people. Especially since some of those people—by themselves or through their kinsmen—had been responsible for the serial endorsements he had received through the ballot box over the years. To the best of my knowledge, this ranking Senator has not had any problem winning elections in his senatorial district time after time. Even after his alleged ‘sins’ on the Biafra cause, he still won the last election handily. So it is either the elections did not represent the true feelings of the people in which case we need a serious electoral overhaul, or the action was from a few disgruntled minorities as alleged by him. I also find the endorsement of this action at home by many people including enlightened ones, uncomfortable. It is a pointer to people’s feeling at the state of the nation.

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