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Contentment or complacency: Check your baggage


By Seun Adigun The Hay’s lives just around the corner on 3, soundton street, west Neverlands. They are quite a pack who’s got everything going good for them. The couple makes sure of it and it’s not hard to see how happy they are.  Somewhere close, on the same street lives the Bees. They are
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Nigerian Stock Exchange

Economic reforms envisioned in Saudi Aramco IPO

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, MBS in January, 2016 broke the news that global oil giants, Saudi Aramco would float a US$2 trillion Initial Public Offering, IPO in 2018. Described as the most lucrative in history, three stock greats, the New York Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange and Hong Kong out of the 16 ‘Trillion Dollar Club’ members globally, jostled to win the listing of Aramco shares.

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Africa’s stunning victory against the International Criminal Court

AFRICA this Tuesday, January 15, scored a stunning victory at the Hague against the International Criminal Court, ICC,  a contraption  of the West to maintain a neo-colonial strangle hold on the continent. On that day, the ICC like hot potatoes, dropped the contrived charges against Lauren Gbagbo, the anti-imperialist politician and immediate past President of  Cote d’Voire, and ordered his immediate release.

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Buhari’s uppity is insulting to Nigerians

SUCCESSIVE  Nigerian leaders have either been utterly  inept or woefully visionless, or both. But none combined incompetence with brazen arrogance. Except President Buhari. He is intolerably inept and unbelievably arrogant! Buhari’s ineptitude is recognised globally. Recently, the international consulting group, Eurasia, said in its 2019 Top Risk Report that Buhari “lacks  the energy, creativity or political savvy to move the needle on Nigeria’s most intractable problems”. His stubbornness and arrogance are legendary too.

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Is INEC really preparing for success or failure?

USUALLY, there are many parties to every contest. In a football contest you have the teams, the referee and his linesman, the spectators- supporters and opposers and then the managers of the stadium and finally those who control the crowd and provide safety for all. This is largely the same for all other sports. In educational pursuits which can some times turn into a contest when we want to determine winners and losers for prizes, honors or for access to limited space, you have the students, the teachers, the examiners and those who set standards.

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Does belonging to particular ethnic group make allowances for corruption?

IF “stealing isn’t corruption” perhaps this is why a section of the country is intent on ignoring allegations of wrongdoing and insisting their kinsmen can’t be investigated or tried, otherwise there’ll be “trouble.” Many people don’t hate corruption, they simply despise being left out of it and it is now commonplace to hear excuses replace important questions such as: are the allegations true?

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Alex Badeh

The assassination of Alex Badeh, insecurity and the privatisation of the police (3)

WE must try to put issues in their right perspective and recognise things as they are. What our legislators and others bent on playing politics with the unfortunate death of a man should be asking for is justice for all. They do not love Badeh more or care for the security of Nigerians more than those who demand that the murderers of Badeh should be tracked down and made to face the law while the question of his trial is not linked to some nebulous claims of his being privy to some classified information.

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