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Women deserve to be celebrated – Alimi

Globally, women are perceived as cynosure of interest in discuss. Poets, philosophers, musicians, creative artists, even scientists, have often used female gender as object of audience attention. Much as Picasso did a famous and impressive work of ‘Monalisa’ including other master artists, dignity of women has been a center of attraction.

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Cocktails is about lifestyle – Lara Rawa

This festival can also be described as a gathering of cocktail enthusiasts as beverage brands and lovers of great cocktails and mocktails alike get to indulge their taste buds at designated hubs. This year, the event has been renamed ‘Lagos Cocktail Week’ and will be different in various ways; for one, we are switching up some of the competitions and encouraging more of our guests to try their hands at making cocktails at some of the different hubs.

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Banks have refused entrepreneurs access to FADAN/BOI loans – Ezenwa

The banks have been given opportunities to create wealth for the private sector but they have not been doing so. They have what they call SMIES which they use to reserve 10% of their earnings for the private sector but how many people have accessed that? I dare say the fund is not there for entrepreneurs to even access, not to mention the conditionality. People should investigate properly.

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You have to be different to stand out in business – Uhanan Mimi Musa

A woman who has It all: – A career or a business, a marriage, a family, a good social circle or relationship and is able to manage it all simultaneously. It’s very hard to achieve and strike that balance. The contemporary era requires women to successfully juggle work, business, marriage, family, service and play and this is very difficult to accomplish but by the grace of God, It is not impossible.

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We are devoted to making natural and organic products – Babakura

One day, I asked myself “well, since most of the things we have naturally are beneficial and full of vitamins and minerals, why can’t I use some of them to see if it will work for my skin, since skin absorbs almost everything you put on it?” So good thing I studied medicine so it was not hard researching. Luckily, I tried out few recipes and guess what, it did work very well! It is just sugar and honey. How could I have ever thought just those two easily accessible ingredients would work wonders on my skin.

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Much ado about First Ladyship

Truth is, Aisha Buhari and Dolapo Osinbajo are generally liked by Nigerians not as much for the reasons listed above as for the following two. First of all, the immediate past First Ladies of the Federal Republic had provided an excellent foil for them. Patience Jonathan had been as garrulous as Amina Sambo had been lacklustre, showing an ability to engage her publicly in a positive manner only after office.

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Nigerian readers are natural leaders – Victoria Abraham

With a lot of people believing in reading today, the age old tale of hiding things in a book from a black man and him not finding it, no longer holds true as a lot of black people have now inculcated the habit of reading. Mrs. Victoria praise Abraham is one of those who seems to have come a long way through her writings. Believing in her abilities to impact the lives of many through her books, she has made it possible for even the younger generations.

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