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We help single mothers shattered by failed marriages — Maureen Nwaezeigwe

Maureen Mennor Nwaezeigwe is the founder of Singlemomhood Support Initiative. In this interview, she disclosed how she was touched by the emotional trauma of failed marriages and the heavy burden of parenting which single mothers are forced to live. This spurred her to set up a forum that would provide them with emotional, financial and psychological support.

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All sexual advances don’t count as harassment – Andrianna Adebiyi

On-the-rise Nollywood diva, Andrianna Adebiyi, may not be a regular face on movie screens, but in her less than five years of acting career, she has been able to carve an enviable niche for herself. In this exclusive interview with Star Tracker, the Quantity Survey graduate of UNILAG talks about her challenges as a make-belief greenhorn, sex, love and more. 

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The Kidnapped Woman!

Kidnapping today is rapidly on the increase.The menace is having it’s terrible toll on the people. The trauma victims go through constitutes another health problem. It is worse when when women are the victims because sometimes they are raped badly before they are set free.

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5 Tips to Ensure your Makeup Lasts 24 Hours

Women who have oily skins don’t really fancy makeup because it turns messy after a few hours. While makeup enhances a woman’s appearance, it is important to ensure it is applied properly to give a matte finish. If you have an oily skin and cannot do without makeup, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal shares 5 tips to ensure you look good all day long.

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My goal is to make every woman trendy – Goodness Okwu, CEO, Stylenest Int’l

As an entrepreneur, albeit profit was at the back of my mind, the joy that I could make a woman, regardless of her age, class and social status, to look beautiful and happy, took precedence. I am a woman and I am proud to be a woman. I am proud to promote womanhood. I like seeing women look good. So, my major aim was to make women of all ages appear fashionable. I am not saying it must be expensive in order to be trendy. No, that’s not the case here. Basically, you can work within your budget and look trendy. Believe this or not, our appearance speaks volumes about who we are.

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Image speaks volume in any business – Hajiya Bola Muse, maritime mogul

I knew right from childhood that I wanted to become a businesswoman. My dream was to be like my mother in business. Freight forwarding however came by accident. Right from my childhood, I have always loved challenging jobs. My father believed that a woman should get married and stay in the kitchen rather than get education. We lived in Kano and I grew up there. After secondary school, I worked in several offices in Kano just to garner working experience. As I said earlier, I got into the clearing job by accident.

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Who’s marginalising women in the Nigerian media?

“Gentlemen of the press” was the title of a Broadway play in 1928. The following year, it was adapted into an all-talking film of the same title. What did male journalists do next? They simply assumed ownership of the four words and turned them into a catchphrase and wherever there’s a gathering of journalists, male and female, the salutation became: “Gentlemen of the press.” Not on this 20th day of January, 2016, at The Hub of The Journalism Clinic, in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

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The market is wide for events management -Bunmi Adeboye, Event Planner/Decorator

So many things must be borne in mind when planning an event. Venues should be easily accessible. Parking space within the venue must be ample enough to accommodate at least 80% of the guests with little or no strain . You must select the best of vendors to provide good and well-interpreted ambience in line with the event in terms of decoration. Food must taste nice with good presentation, too.

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