…As women dignity prevails at Alimi’s art show

By Chris Onuoha

Globally, women are perceived as cynosure of interest in discuss. Poets, philosophers, musicians, creative artists, even scientists, have often used female gender as object of audience attention. Much as Picasso did a famous and impressive work of ‘Monalisa’ including other master artists, dignity of women has been a center of attraction.

Subsequently, conflicting gender issues which has topped discussions in social gatherings and seminars, has also seen experts, critically analyzing the place of women especially in Africa, and thus, canvassing for the right place of women in the society.

When Alimi Adewale stormed Alara’s Art Gallery in Victoria Island, Lagos on November 13 with a solo art exhibition titled ‘Divergence’, prominence was given to female gender with focus on the importance, attributes and socio-cultural conflicts women are seldom put through.

This Lagos based artist whose works on display, clad with female nude collages, paintings of urban migration, and sculptures said that this exhibition and subsequent ones, had an underlying tone centered on religious’ ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ as a virtue which carries a reflection of womanhood.

Alimi, in this expressive art show, tends to explore and personalize urban issues alluding to the lives of everyday city people. These, he says, are often neglected in the drive towards excessive urbanization, rapid modern development and the growing economy.

Explaining his interest in exploring the ‘unacceptable idea’ of Nudes in African Art which is visible in his works, the artist alleged that it is an approach of sensitization, inspired by women’s subjugation in Africa. Although, Alimi allay the notion of been called a feminist, but said he has an unflinching passion for female gender that has been prejudiced especially in Africa.

In his words, “These women, expressively, are my country, my country pain, sorrows, the huge natural resources yet citizens are living in squalor”.

“My impression is that, for us to have a good society, we need to start from the women. For a family to be happy, it starts from a woman, when a woman is happy, children will be happy, then, a man’s happiness can also be guaranteed. Any society with less corruption reflects the kind of women they have. This is the idea of my expression in the works,” Alimi said.

He added, “African women for the past decades have achieved a lot. However, some women in the past were permanently housewives.  But now, women have risen to the position of authorities – Company Directors, Permanent Secretaries, Ministers, even Governors. The whole essence is just to celebrate African women all across Africa.



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