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Boko Haram: We knew we were alive but didn’t understand how — Rescued victims

“Slaughtering of human beings was very common and it was done with so much brutality. It was as if chickens had more prestige and importance. “Any time we had the opportunity to pray, we always called on God to have mercy on us and deliver us. Sometimes we fasted. One day, we got news that the military was coming – thanks to a small radio we got at Gwoza.

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I did not start out as a designer — Bose Adegunwa, Lawiza boss

More often than not, people say the power of a woman lies in her husbands’ house. Interestingly enough, women have stepped out of that age old mold that limits them in being just mothers and wives. Women in Nigeria today have taken the business world by storm thereby increasing the net-profit the nation gets. Among such is Mrs Bose Adegunwa, who has taking the fashion business agog. Apart from owning Lawiza Creations, she is also the CEO of lawiza fashion school.

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Nigeria: Blackmailers beware or beware of blackmailers?

HOW did we get here? How is it that a country like Nigeria borrows not to fund infrastructure and lift its people out of extreme poverty but to pay salaries and fund its recurrent expenditure? Quite honestly, I am not surprised that national debt now stands at 63 billion dollars. We are a country of showmen who would rather spend on frivolities than on anything of substance with long lasting effects on our lives.

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So long Goodluck Jonathan!

WHEN Goodluck Jonathan steps down in two days time and Muhammadu Buhari takes over as president, he would have helped to give practical demonstration to that much remarked (in our parts) but hardly realised notion of popular democracy, that sovereignty lies with the people. By handing over power to Buhari, Jonathan would only be abiding by the will of the people who said, on March 28 2015, that they wanted a change of leadership.

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Goodluck, President-elect Buhari

IT is all going to happen within four days. Four days to the great national revival and renewal. Four days to the rejuvenation and restoration of the Nigerian economy. Four days to the great “changi” we have all been waiting for. Four days to the arrival of the Nigerian messiah, Muhammadu Buhari. I am sure we all can hardly wait.

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Nigeria on the highway

NIGERIA is on the highway. This Friday, May 29, 2015, as we approach a major T- Junction, we shall stop to change drivers. Brother Goodluck Jonathan, who has driven us since February 10, 2010, will handover the steering to Comrade Muhammadu Buhari. As Buhari takes us to the T-Junction, we would either turn right, and start doing things right, or left, and continue on the familiar road of dependency, consumerism, ruinous market forces, prodigal privatisation, fuel importation rather than refining, and neo-liberal policies that take, rather than create jobs. Then, it will be business as usual.

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