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Security concerns in a petro-centric world

petroleum industry

Petroleum in this discourse is the lifeblood of industrial and emerging nations. The least developed countries that are tagged: the Third World is not spared from petroleum as energy resource. Petroleum here includes crude oil, natural gas and bitumen.

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The Malabo declaration and natural gas trade

Natural gas is believed to be the cleanest of all the fossil fuels because the level of greenhouse gas emission is considerably low. It has become a credible alternative for reducing pollution and maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Natural gas could emit about 55 percent less carbon dioxide than coal and about 30 percent less carbon dioxide than oil in combustion. It is becoming an efficient and competitively priced fuel for electricity generation and heating. The scenario has triggered a global capital expenditure, capex expected to reach around US$1.13 trillion by 2025. It implies a bright future for natural gas investors.

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