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Amiesimaka’s wise counsel

The ex player cum administrator of repute says: “The world football governing body doesn’t want to be entangled in politics of countries, so it recognises and deals directly with National Federations/Associations affiliated to it. Accordingly, FIFA expects such affiliates to be recognised by the Laws of their respective countries, but not to be created by them.

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2018 FIFA World Cup: 1.3m tickets allocated, sales restart on Tuesday

World Cup Jamboree

When the former Chairman of the Nigeria Football Association, Mr Anthony Kojo Williams said in the heat of his turbulent short reign at the Football House that football is a conduit pipe to siphon government money by both football and government officials, the greatest culprits of the scam never spared him.

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Letter to Gernot Rohr

Dear Mr Rohr, It is four days to the kick-off of the greatest football festival in the World and six days to the opening match between your team and our team, the Super Eagles and I just have to write you on what I feel about you and the team. I must confess I was not particularly excited when you were hired to manage the Super Eagles.

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Football agents re-echoed

IT is another World Cup year and the horse trading has started among players, coaches, administrators, their friends and most importantly, their agents. Agents are legitimate stakeholders in football, recognised by football authorities whether at national, continental or world levels through Football Associations, the Confederations or FIFA.

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The Ogbemudia I knew

It is with heavy heart that I summed up courage to put this down. I didn’t know how to start writing about a man, Dr. Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia, who did so much for Midwest region, which later became a state, as a military governor and then Bendel state, before it was split into Edo and Delta, as civilian governor, in past tense.

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Africa’s football Methuselah

The Confederation of African Football, CAF will on March 16, 2017 be going to the polls to elect new members of the Executive Committee to lead it for a four year term, from 2017 to 2021. One would expect that credible candidates from across the continent would want to jostle to become president of the body especially in this times when the game is undergoing changes not only to raise the standard but to rid it of seeming corruption that has eaten deep into the game at all levels.

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