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Can Yahoo be construed as unofficial reparations? (1)

Note: Chief M K O Abiola, during the Presidential campaign in 1992-3had promised to ask for reparations totalling several billion dollars from all the countries which participated in the slave trade.

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Nigeria is losing a whole generation to unemployment

Nigeria is losing whole generation to unemployment

ON Sunday December 27, 2019, I found myself in the taxi park situated at Sango, Ibadan, very close to University of Ibadan and the Ibadan Polytechnic. My old jalopy had inexplicably broken down after I spent a pleasant afternoon with two of my grandsons. From experience, I know that mechanics are difficult to find on Sundays anywhere in Nigeria. The only place is the nearest motor park. So, I did not wait for somebody to say “Let’s go there.” I went on my own.

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Nigeria is losing a whole generation to unemployment

No prosperous year inview for 2020

I STARTED writing  commentaries on the Business and Economic pages of VANGUARD in 1987 before adding the SUNDAY VANGUARD articles in 1994. Most of those writing then are long gone – mostly beyond reach of humans. My great Aburo, Henry Boyo, Old Igbobian like me, followed them just as 2019 was coming to an end. One feels increasingly alone and perhaps the time has come to pass the baton to a new generation of public opinion leaders. I had an MRI on December 26, 2019 and the signs are not very good. I should probably have saved the N78,000 it cost me to drink GULDER and GUINNESS Stout and have a good time before going the way of all humans.

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Alleged Terrorism: Court grants lecturer 10million naira bail in Calabar

Ex-governors impoverishing their states with huge pensions

In what would, otherwise, have been another dreary week in which one sad report pushed another off the pages of Nigerian newspapers, the report that the Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered the Attorney-General of the Federation, AGF, to recover pension funds claimed by former state governors while serving as Senators and Ministers from their states after leaving office as governors.

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Labour unions in fantasyland over minimum wage

No governor will dare say he will not pay. It is illegal and criminal for any governor not to pay and there is sanction in the Minimum Wage Act. If you do not pay, there are fines and if you do not pay the fine, you can be jailed – any employer, including the state governors —Issa Aremu, General Secretary, National Union of Textile, Garment and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria. PUNCH, November 26, 2019. Back page.

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Stockmarket, week

Before you jump from Treasury Bills to Stocks

HUNDREDS of thousands of Nigerian fools and angels were rushed out on the Treasury Bills market early this month. Most are still in shock regarding what to do with the funds that will be released to them any time soon. A few have acted hastily instead of pre-meditatively when they suddenly found funds they had invested for years in this safe haven on their laps without a clue about what to do with the bundle.

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Vision 2040: Another wasteful fraud coming

History does not repeat itself. Man does.” – Prof Barbara Tuchman, Harvard University. One can only hope it is a joke. Even if it is, Nigerians, like Queen Elizabeth I should tell the Buhari administration: “We are not amused.” If ever there were scams that have been foisted on Nigerians since the first honest attempt at visioning in 1992, visioning had been it.

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