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Diaspora Matters

For Great Britain, BREXIT Is At A Crossroad

An opportunity of a second referendum has been thrown out by the parliament. Analysts argue that a second referendum would undermine faith in democratic processes, thereby allowing future manipulations

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Donald Trump

Trump Loses His Stare Down With North Korea’s Jong Un

If you are a boxing or wrestling fan, you will be familiar with the pre-fight hypes and publicity. It is not unusual for boxers or fighters and their promoters to do some out of the ordinary things in their bid to publicise fights.  I am usually enthralled when the boxers/wrestlers look menacingly at each other, eyeball to eyeball, toe to toe, breathing hard as they try to intimidate each other.

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My Crowd Is Bigger Than Yours – A Journey Back In Time

The campaigns have not been limited to only the podiums. For the first time in Nigeria (again) politicians are taking their stories, dramas and “mediocrity” to the grassroots. It is now in the country’s political campaign “manual” to walk down the streets eating “roasted plantain”, ‘jumping” on “Okada” and pretending to be “common men”. The masses are amused

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