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UK 2019 election: Johnson’s majority was at Corbyn’s expense

Boris Johnson, Prison sentences

The United Kingdom’s 2019 General Election is won and lost. As the results came in, the victorious party became more raucous in celebration.

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Nigeria: Lack of synergy cause loss of IMO election —Operators

Why is there so much hate in the land? (1)

I shifted on the sofa, stretched out my legs and adjusted my head to allow a clear breathing passage. I have a few more minutes to waste before I start the arduous work. Nigeria has been on my mind for quite some time, and I thought to myself it was time to visit the motherland. I am always excited about the probability of going to Nigeria. This is not only for the opportunity to meet long-time family members and friends but also to catch up with new developments.

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Johnson, Trump, UK, Election

An early UK election, a dance on people’s choice

The British politics took a turn last week when the political parties, for once, spoke in unison and dramatically agreed to a snap general election in December. What is surprising about the sudden turn around is that 24 hours earlier the opposition parties had unanimously rejected Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister’s call for an election. They had condemned Johnson’s call as selfish and not in the best interest of the nation.

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The world has lost its touch of humanity

We are in the end times,” my friend screamed down the end of the phone. I was alarmed by his tone and the fact that he could not offer a simple “hello” when I connected to him. He is not one to forget his manners, and this made me wonder what could have provoked his outburst. Here is a guy who always loves to make a point of the fact that he minds his own business. Therefore, I steeled my mind towards any contrary news he may break to me.

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