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Joyful Homes

Move from lamentation to victory

Compliments of the season and welcome to the month of joy.  As you begin this month, please be expectant, God is about to give you something that will make many people congratulate you.  Many will rejoice with you and join you to praise the Lord in Jesus name.

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Give to the needy

Brethren as we move close to the end of the year, our prayer is that we end this year rejoicing.    We all   wish to celebrate the Christmas and New Year joyfully.  By the grace of God when it is time for celebration, we shall not be six feet below in the name of Jesus.  We shall be alive to give thanks to the Almighty God.

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Claim your right to light

Brethren, we often hear about deliverance, what exactly does it mean?  Without reference to any dictionary, as Christians, familiar with the word ‘deliverance’, it simply tells us that someone who needs deliverance is someone under the bondage of the enemy. Someone who is oppressed.  Anybody whose  destiny  is held down or controlled by  the forces of darkness.

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