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Set yourself apart for His mercy

Brethren its about the first half of the month of January. In what way have you prepared for the journey of 2020? You made resolutions, you may have thought of what you want to achieve this year but may I ask you, where is God in your plan?

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Begin the year rejoicing

Congratulations! You made it to January 2020 this is a testimony that God has been good to you. Why? It’s simply because many wish to witness the New Year but couldn’t. Brethren, it is not because you and I are better than those who have gone. Many are gone so soon because of another person’s mistake that cost them their lives but you and I are alive. Let’s give glory to the King of Kings, the Almighty God, the Lord of Lords.

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Good tidings on the way

Congratulations, I’m sure you had a merry Christmas. We give thanks to God that has made you see this day. Indeed, with the grace of the Almighty God, you have gone through 363 days of this year. Today, you have barely 48 hours to go. By the grace of the Almighty God, you will see the end of 2019. You will send away the year 2019 joyfully in Jesus name.

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Give to the needy

Brethren as we move close to the end of the year, our prayer is that we end this year rejoicing.    We all   wish to celebrate the Christmas and New Year joyfully.  By the grace of God when it is time for celebration, we shall not be six feet below in the name of Jesus.  We shall be alive to give thanks to the Almighty God.

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