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Femi Aribisala

Nigeria’s gradual return to dictatorship


NIGERIANS are not students  of history. History, in Nigeria, is so contentious, it is not even taught in our schools. However, we educate our future through the study of history. A country without a history is one without a compass. It is a country without a plan. The future of a country begins in its history.

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Is Adams Oshiomhole a secret weapon of the PDP?

Adams Oshiomhole may not be a card-carrying member of the PDP.   As a matter of fact, he is the national chairman of the ruling APC.   Nevertheless, he has been a major blessing to the PDP and a systematic liability to the APC.   If one did not know any better, you might conclude that Oshiomhole is a PDP plant in the APC.   So counter-productive have been the activities of the APC national chairman to the fortunes of his party.

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Kingsley Moghalu will be the next president of Nigeria

BARACK Obama was just a first-term senator from Illinois when he had the “audacity of hope” to run for president of the United States.   It was not only an uphill task; it was an impossible one.   To succeed, he had to confront, in the first instance, a principality of the American political firmament in the person of Hillary Clinton, wife of a former president, in the bid to secure the nomination of the Democratic Party.

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ExxonMobil (Nigeria) persists in cheating its Nigerian workers: What is the government doing?

IN the last few days, ExxonMobil Nigeria has embarked on an image-laundering exercise concerning its shabby treatment of its Nigerian security workforce.  It has paid for advertorials in several newspapers and online publications captioned “The Facts: Blockade of Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) Offices and Residences.”

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ExxonMobil shows outright contempt for Nigeria’s Supreme court

IF you were to visit the Lagos headquarters of ExxonMobil (Nigeria) in Victoria Island, Lagos today, you would immediately notice that something strange is going on. You will find a number of people camped outside the building; sometimes chanting, sometimes dancing, sometimes shouting slogans. They are there 24/7; day and night. Surely, this is anomalous to the activities of an international oil company.

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