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God Does Not Desire Any Sacrifice for Sins

Quoting Hosea, Jesus says: “Go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’” (Matthew 9:13). One of the tragedies of contemporary Christianity is that Christians have refused to follow this injunction of Jesus. If we did, we would understand that God desires our love and not our sacrifice and we would not insist that Jesus was sacrificed for our sins.

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Edo Assembly crisis

Adams Oshiomhole elephant invaded by soldier ants

Albert Einstein, the man reputed to have possessed the highest Intelligence Quotient, IQ, of any human since the metrics for measuring IQ were developed, and who left the world with an equation, E=MC2, about which several thousand PhDs have been awarded, knew the problem about being a genius among intellectual inferiors. His sojourn at Princeton University was a lonely one – interrupted frequently by the vicious attacks of yam-heads in and out of the Physics Department of the Ivy League institution. He was not alone.

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Homoeroticism: A plea for rationality and tolerance (2)

Most people who believe, uncritically, that there is a normal or natural sexual relation proper for humans do so on the basis of taboo morality derived from antiquated and superstitious religious doctrines. Biologically, human beings may be classified as such without imputing any normative considerations whatsoever. As we already noted, there is no rigid human nature. Human beings as sentient creatures with the capacity to use language and the power of self-consciousness are culturally emergent beings whose values are intimately connected with the doctrines, ideologies and ideals of the societies in which they grew up, all of which are subject to change.

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A mother indeed

The years roll by pretty quick and very soon we forget what we once couldn’t live without. I begin writing this column with an open mind, I have two mothers in mind and I can’t decide which of them I want to write about, so I am just going to give my mind free rein to express itself. The first mother is my biological one and even though she joined the saints 14th of june 1996; she plays a very important role in my everyday life. I talk about her so much that my husband who never met her is sure he can pick her out in a crowd. You see, my mom was larger than life in every way; she was the life and soul of the party; she was funny, generous and friendly.

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As The Eagles Fly…

Last weekend, I drove from Orlando to Jacksonville, with my son, Kiran Amaechina, my cousin Chika, and his friend, Dozie Aguwa, to watch the Nigerian National team, the Eagles, play the US National Soccer team, in the final prep matches before the World Cup finals in Brazil. My son loves football – soccer they call it here – and plays as an attacking midfielder for a U-12 youth team, the “Spartans,” here in Orlando. So, I’m something of a “soccer dad.” I drive him around for his after-school practices and his many games and tournaments. And I love it.

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Reformer Sanusi, is new Emir

They say, “be nice to people on your way up, because you might meet them on your way down, “the spin would have been wise to heed the saying as the new Emir of Kano was turbaned. They must have been frantic backtracking and spinning hoping to limit the damage they had already done to Lamido Sanusi’s reputation.
He was named last Sunday by the Governor of the State, Rabiu Kwankwaso, from a shortlist of candidates selected by the royal household after the death previous Friday of Ado Abdullahi Bayero. Ado Bayero had held the position since 1963 and was a widely revered figure. The ousted CBN governor could not wished for karmic retribution.

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For whom the bell tolls

Themortal body of Monsignor Pedro Ayodele Martins, the first Nigerian chaplain of the Nigerian Army, the oldest Lagosian to be ordained a priest, and the oldest priest in Africa, was finally laid to rest last week in a week long ceremony that involved the entire Arch Diocese. It also had many former residents of 1004 Estate and ex-military officers in attendance. He was aged 103. He was also a priest for over 70 incredible years.

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POWA lift for widows, orphans

The leadership of the Nigeria Police Officers Wives Association, POWA, led by Engr. Mrs. Zara Bunu Abubakar during the week ended activities to commemorate their 50TH anniversary celeberation with a plea to the abductors of the over 200 girls of the Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno state to free them. In line with the
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