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The rise of the Chicken Assembly


Senator Lawan appears to be the man for the job. But many fear that he may be too much of a camp follower. A malleable man, who will turn the senate into an extension of the presidency

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Nigeria: The coming anarchy….

And the president, rather than sit down and face his duties, jetted off, within hours of taking his oath to the OIC meeting. It is sad. It is a crying shame. And it is time for all those Generals, politicians, intellectuals, everybody who still has a stake in Nigeria to come together and take charge and defuse this balloon before it flies

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A letter to Emeka Ihedioha (4)

The state of course must endeavor to lessen the burden on both students and parents, and help students live well as young adults as they attend universities in Imo state. That is why I propose that you push through your party in the Imo State House of Assembly, a bill to re-establish and reposition the Imo state Students Loans Board

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