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Again, where is Nnamdi Kanu?

This government and its mind-warpers try to turn us all into amnesiacs, so that we will forget for instance, that Muhammadu Buhari himself was not only a key beneficiary and supporter of the abrogation of June 12, he himself led a military coup that overthrew a properly elected civilian government

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Buhari: The limits of his powers

Adams Oshiomole, former President of the Nigerian Labour Council (NLC), and immediate past governor of Edo State has called on the Federal Government to “deal ruthlessly with looters” of the national treasury. The reports of Oshiomole’s statement carried in the Nigerian newspapers variously led with this headline “Buhari should deal ruthlessly with looters.” My problem is, I do not know exactly if Oshiomole is actually conflating the president with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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Buhari, Former heads of state, Obasanjo, Gowon, Abubakar and others during the Council of State's meeting

Council of State? What is that?

On Wednesday the Nigerian Council of State met in Abuja, and took far-reaching decisions including, as the Vanguard reported, endorsing a proposal to fund agricultural production and supporting herdsmen with $1 billion in government funds. I do not think it has the power under the constitution to do this, because this sounds to me like the function already assigned to the National Assembly.

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