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Militarizing the East

This policy of militarizing the East will have a blowback that many have not thought about. And I also really wish that the Biafra activists should understand that they are about to turn the East once again into another theatre of war

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The message Buhari passed

This government must begin to take both symbolic and practical steps to restore belief in “one Nigeria” – through social programmes; through actions that validate the supremacy of the citizen under the rule of law and the givens of equity, but not by threat or deceit or force

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Buhari: Why Nigeria Fails

Osinbajo may yet fail to read the writing on the wall. He must not make Jonathan’s mistake of appeasement of special interests while ignoring real Nigerians. And he should, right now know that with the rapid and unfolding situations, there will be no second chance

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Steps towards Biafra

Right up to, and through the 1990s, it was anathema to discuss Biafra openly. It all began with the end of the civil war in 1970 and the attempts by the Federal government to suppress and erase every sign of the conflict in the public mind, and revise the causes of the Biafran conflict in the historical records.

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