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“Shithole” Nations?

Africans must see Donald Trump’s statement as an insult and a challenge, and begin to complete the task of decolonization; rebuild many parts of Africa and the African world

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Vox populi, and the auguries of 2018

Vox Populi, Vox Dei” – this Latin, for the English statement, “the voice of the people is the voice of God,” has become so true, that it is now almost a cliché. The imperative of it is the signal spirit of the democratic idea, and the whole revolutionary notion that upended Feudalism and the Monarchy, and their primitive sense or idea of a “ruling class.”

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To the Nigerian youth

The 2019 elections are only less than about two years away, and the subtle, subterranean moves are already quietly playing out, as parties begin to reorganize and ready themselves for a play at the power to govern this republic. Two fundamental and really vital factors are missing in these developments: it is the youth factor, and the factor of the left.

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The Anambra Election

First, let me note that the IPOB has neither the mandate, nor the power, nor the unction to call for, or enforce a boycott of the coming elections in Anambra state. The Anambra electorate will shoot themselves on the feet if they heed any such foolish call. They would have left their fate for the next four years at least, in the hands of someone of whom they’d have no hand in the making, and who would therefore be less obligated to them, and less amenable to serve their interests, but the narrow interests that would ultimately win, should people boycott the elections, and thus the opportunity to stake their claims, and vote the individual of their choice.

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Where is Nnamdi Kanu?

Where are all the famous Human Rights advocacy groups in Nigeria? Those who could at the very drop of a hat rouse a teary plea against the oppression, for as long, it now seems, as those “citizens” are from the right end of the rail track. It does seem that once it comes to the South-East of Nigeria, those normally with “public conscience” have their “consciences” suddenly go to sleep.

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Buhari’s government and the NNPC contract mess by Obi Nwakanma

For a long time, when voices opposed to the listlessness, corruption, and lack of clear direction of the current Buhari administration spoke out about it, administration spokespeople – Lai Mohammed, Femi Adesina, and Garba Shehu; and, to a large extent, the former Constitutional scholar, Dr. Itsay Sagay – earned their daily broth by bombarding Nigerians with hokum.

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