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The inevitable choice between N10,000 note and redenomination

HOUSEHOLDS have become severely traumatized, nationwide by the escalating prices of goods and services, particularly in the last six months or so.

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Naira: Redesign, redenomination or revaluation? – By Henry Boyo

The evident danger to public health from handling dirty, grimy and bacteria laden Naira notes in millions of transactions every day, should spur government to reconsider revamping the present repulsive profile of the Naira. The above title examines the need for a stable, sustainable and cleaner Naira profile (earlier published August 2008 in Punch and Vanguard newspapers). Please read on: 

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Is CBN the evil genius behind higher fuel prices?

THE acute scarcity of petrol nationwide may have receded significantly, but issues relating to steady supply, appropriate pricing and fuel subsidy, obviously still remain very contentious. Government and NNPC have invariably blamed private marketers for the fuel shortage, while marketers have conversely, demanded the immediate payment of over N720bn that NNPC owes them.

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Labour & wage increases: Barking up the wrong tree!- Henry Boyo

THE Leadership of Organised Labour have welcomed President Buhari’s establishment of a Committee to consider a significant increase in the minimum wage. The President of the ULC, Comrade Joe Ajaero, for example, has demanded for a N100, 000 minimum wage, while also advising his members to “prepare for war” to confront those State Governors, in the Committee, who are currently defaulting on the present N18, 000 minimum wage.

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