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Owei Lakemfa

Rescuing Nigeria from its leaders

By Owei Lakemfa INTELLECTUALS and academics from 14 universities who gathered at the  University of Abuja on September 5 to discuss the seemingly insoluble problems of the country, concluded that Nigeria has to be rescued from its leaders. They poured in from the universities in Minna, Akwa Ibom, Benin, Ekpoma, Ado Ekiti, Port Harcourt, Sokoto,
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We know our friends, our friends know themselves

IN Africa, we welcome any visitor even if he is not a friend. We offer our visitors water and a seat.  That is why the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, UK,   Theresa May was welcome when she came out visiting South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. Also, for those who are our friends, we go looking for them even if their homes are at the other end of the world. An African proverb says it is someone you do not love, you make excuses that you are unable to visit his home because it is far away. That is why it did not surprise me that all but one African country, were  this week in China for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, FOCAC.

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The African Road to China

THE African leaders journey  to Beijing, for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, FOCAC, holding from September 3-4, 2018, actually began fifty three years ago. That was at the infancy of our independence. In 1960 alone, seventeen African countries had gained independence. Tanzania became independent in 1961 and Zambia, four years later. Both faced the same challenge of development,  lifting Africans out of poverty, and the underdevelopment foisted on them by colonialism.  

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When foreign policy does not protect citizens

THE Ghanaian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ms.  Shirley Ayorkor-Botchwey was this  Monday  in Abuja on a charm offensive. Her visit came four days after Nigerian traders in Ghana reported that the envisaged attacks on them by members of the Ghana Union Traders Association, GUTA, had commenced  at  the Suame Magazine Market, in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

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