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Owei Lakemfa

Osahon Enabulele: Another Nigeria is possible

Nigeria, unity, Vision

IT was a Nigerian event. The crème of our  medical profession gathered in their hundreds at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. It was simultaneously an international event as they were joined by leaders of National Medical Associations from the Commonwealth Medical Association, CMA, which was holding its 25th triennial conference. 

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Customs, rice, north

Obeisance to Customs, the new power house

A MAN who identified himself as a traditional ruler, strolled with a swag  through Immigration at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. He then walked towards Customs and was stopped. An officer pointed out he was carrying a pack that suggested he bought a pair of shoes abroad. He confirmed he did. He was asked to produce the shoes. He pointed at his feet: those were what he was wearing. The Customs said it was an item he has to pay duty on.

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Trump seeks increased border security, says migration hurting origin countries

Nigerians and human beings in the Age of Trump

THERE is a New World Disorder. One of the main reasons for this, according to Akin Oyebode, international lawyer and professor specializing in the Law of Treaties, is because American President Donald Trump: “ imposes his will on the children of lesser gods.” Trumpism was a predictable tragedy waiting to happen. In my March 11, 2016 column titled ‘If Americans Throw Trump At Us’ I had argued that given his love for false statistics, fake news, characterization of Mexicans as drug peddlers and crooks and claims that Muslims are terrorists, Trump wants: “to turn both America and the world upside down.”

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Sense and nonsense: Thesis on governance in Nigeria

A trite is that there is nothing new under the sun. However, governance in Nigeria demonstrates that a lot of things can be new under the sun. For instance, there were widespread announcements mainly in the ubiquitous social media that 77-year-old President Muhammadu Buhari was getting married to a newly appointed minister. I am sure we all knew it was a joke because it is no joke running a complex country like Nigeria. So, adding another woman to a matrimonial home with a strong matriarch can be quite combustible.

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Turkey intensifies Syria campaign as Islamic State strikes Kurds

The Kurds as burnt offering

By Owei  Lakemfa PRESIDENT Donald Trump on Sunday October 6 disclosed on phone to his Turkish counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdoan, that America was withdrawing its troops with immediate effect   from northern   Syria. His tone  indicated that America was abandoning its   Kurdish ‘allies’ at the mercy of merciless Turkey. Erdogan took the
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