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Owei Lakemfa

Jerusalem: Let justice roll down like waters – Owei Lakemfa

THE world is full of contradictions and contrasts. While some work for world peace, others work to wreck world peace. In no other two world figures are these more pronounced than in American President, Donald Trump and Pope Francis. While one is a ruthless politician and worldly businessman with a lot of store in material possessions, the other is a spiritual father with a lot of store in spiritual possessions.

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Naming and shaming those who destroyed Libya – Owei Lakemfa

THE United Nations (UN) under then Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon met on March 17, 2011 to decide the  fate of Libya. Civil War had broken out in the country  with rebels seizing the city of Benghazi and parts of the country. The rebels were armed by the West with the United States getting Saudi Arabia to supply anti-tank rockets, mortars and surface-to-air-missiles.

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Charlie Chaplin, The Tramp and Donald, The Trump – Ochereome Nnanna

CHARLIE Chaplin, The Tramp was a little, downtrodden man in baggy trousers with a  mustache, bowler hat and carrying a cane. He was  poor, powerless and  bewildered.  Chaplin (Charles Spencer Chaplin)seemed a lonely, vulnerable  figure who tried endlessly to make sense of the world. His caricature of Adolf Hitler, the most powerful man in his generation, remains a winner to-date.

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Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution: They changed the world – Owei Lakemfa

THE Bolshevik Revolution, Russian or October Revolution, one of the bloodiest, but certainly, the most profound revolution in human history will clock  a century next  Tuesday November 7, 2017.  Russia ran  the Julian calendar which was two weeks behind the Gregorian calendar, hence it is called the October Revolution. The shock of a revolution by the ordinary people was so weighty that countries which  some months before were engaged in the quite bloody First World War, decided to jointly invade Russia and wipe out the revolution. 

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Fit to fight, misfits in govt – Owei Lakemfa

SOME Brazilian generals have given notice that they will overthrow the government of President  Michel Miguel Elias Temer. One month has rolled by since the notice was given, yet there has been no official reaction, no arrests, no mass protests against such treason, and no condemnation   from those who claim to be champions, defenders and custodians of ‘democracy’ which is based on elections and the constitutional change of government.

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