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The misery in our market mystery


THE Economic Council under Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo may have been remarkable in the Ruga project (they say it is Livestock whatever now) but the government has yet to put together an economic team that can impactfully on the lives of all Nigerians outside the cow demography.

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Our zerophobia worse than xenophobia

THE serial xenophobic attacks on Nigerians should not have been the best way South Africans could have repaid Nigeria for our contributions to the anti-apartheid struggle. I have been wondering what would be running through the minds of ANC cadres who joined us as students in Ife and Ibadan in our university days in the ’80s, seeing citizens of a country that was so nice to them being bothered on the streets.

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kidnappers. Doctor, bandits

Republic of bandits

I HAVE always had this friendly exchange with my brother, Adeyinka Olumide Fusika, SAN, for some years now that Nigeria is a failed state, but he would always tease me that lawyers are still going to court and judges are ruling on disputes. I don’t know whether the learned silk has seen the image of Katsina Governor, Aminu Bello Masari and a gun-wielding bandit after His Excellency finished a closed-door round table with bandits in the home state of the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria this past week.

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Sowore, court

RevolutionNow: Not Sowore but Mrs Akanmu

OMOYELE Sowore, the arrowhead of #RevolutionNow was clamped before the revolution could be televised on August 5. The DSS has since secured a 45-day detention order from Justice Taiwo Taiwo (Sowemimo jailed Awolowo in 1962!) while it looks for evidence to prosecute Sowore whom it already accused of a crime he was arrested for before he could carry it out.

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King of Shechem

The King of Shechem

ONE and a half weeks ago, in obedience to the above biblical injunction, I was engrossed in study of the holy texts, seeking inspiration to distract from my latest bout of melancholy, brought on by a sustained, but obviously unhealthy, contemplation of Lord Lugard’s crumbling ‘House of Cards’, only to experience the promised ‘epiphany’ in the book of ‘Judges’.

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Nigeria and the North’s thorn bushes

IT happened one day that Abimelech son of Jerub-Baal went to his mother’s brothers in Shechem and said to them and to all his mother’s clan the following nepotic words: “Ask all the citizens of Shechem, ‘Which is better for you: to have all seventy of Jerub-Baal’s sons rule over you, or just one man?’ Remember, I am your flesh and blood.”

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