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Edo politicians: Remember Lassa Fever

Attack: Oshiomhole warns Edo CP against fronting for politicians

In a typical society, particularly a democracy, there are two sides to what is generally known as the Social Contract Theory.

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Ihedioha, Supreme Court

Supreme Court ruling: Ihedioha can still be governor

It is no longer news that in line with last week’s decision of the Supreme Court, Senator Hope Uzodinma is now the Imo sState governor. Having decided that the exclusion of certain votes in his favour during the collation of votes at the last governorship election in the state was illegal, the Apex Court went ahead to add the said votes which saw to the victory of the new governor. Uzodinma was promptly sworn in. His immediate predecessor, Emeka Ihedioha who had earlier been declared as the duly elected governor by the electoral body had to step down. Before doing so, Ihedioha did not forget to make the point that although he did not agree with what he described as an unfair and unjust ruling, he had “no option but to respect the outcome of the judgment.” A cursory look at various media platforms shows that Ihedioha’s viewpoint is generally shared by a cross section of Nigerians.

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Nigeria is losing a whole generation to unemployment

Why peace efforts fail in Nigeria

Every human society is open to conflict because disputes thrive in any event which involves divergent interests. If conflict is thus an inevitable human phenomenon, evolving conflict resolution strategies to amicably settle one rift or the other is the panacea. In recent times, the most intractable conflicts in Nigeria are those of a political nature. Virtually every peace effort in the country to resolve them always fails due to several reasons among them insincerity, failure to fully understand the real issues at stake and lack of knowledge of the scope of a particular conflict. Greed, ego and disrespect to peacemakers most of whom are the elderly are other common tendencies. When these issues are put together, the reason for the failure of peace efforts organized by even the most respected and well-meaning national personalities becomes clear.

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Nigeria is losing a whole generation to unemployment

Nigerian politics: Great award winners emerge

Some simplistic fellow Nigerians quite often naively assume that persons who are nominated for awards in the country may have achieved a lot. It is not always so. Even our national honours award lost its credibility long ago when government started allocating figures to certain institutions and positions like governors, top legislators and ministers instead of outstanding citizens. Perhaps the most common but annoying awards are those organized by the media and civil society groups who for their own material benefits are seen falling on each other to honour the same characters. Sometimes some governors who failed to pay workers’ salaries are honoured while some other honourees have had to walk into EFCC cells a few months after their lavishly published awards.

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