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Nigeria’s Insecurity: The Driver/Passenger Parable

By Tonnie Iredia Daily reports from different parts of Nigeria painting vivid pictures of killings, kidnappings and arson collectively imply that insecurity in the country is biting harder by the day. More Nigerians from different political divides including legislators are becoming less tolerable of what they now see as feeble efforts by federal authorities to
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Nigeria’s Economy: What is the truth?

By Tonnie Iredia The immediate implication of a chasm which public information management in Nigeria has successfully created between the government and the people is that the country now has two major debating groups. The first group is made up of those who adversely criticize whatever President Muhammadu Buhari does or fails to do, while
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Nigeria’s Minimum Wage: Labour has a point

By Tonnie Iredia Last Wednesday, state capitals across Nigeria witnessed protests by members of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) against the plan to remove the country’s minimum wage from her Exclusive Legislative List. Expectedly, several elite voices have since condemned Labour on the subject. While some, such as governors elected on the platform of the
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