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Under crude sandals of bandits, terrorists, herdsmen

Bandits invade another LGA in Niger, kidnap scores of people, rustle cattle

Every ‘Father’ – whether of home, of family or of a nation – has four cardinal tasks to perform: Security, economic development, plan for a sustainable future and provision of social/ethical compass. Universally, leaders have been judged by how well they performed on these criteria. Buhari is not different. Incidentally, Buhari might have performed better on the economy if he had been elected in 2011. The Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, was already working on BLUEPRINT FOR ECONOMIC GOVERNANCE which would have made it easier for him to articulate his economic policies and programmes. It is difficult to determine whether APC undermined Buhari or not after winning at last. Now, there is little chance he will leave a good legacy on the economy. Today, he is almost a figurehead.

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Breaking: Southern leaders slam N50bn suit against Buhari, allege marginalization of region

I pity President Buhari

By Dele Sobowale “Men make history; but not just as they please.” Karl Marx, 1818-1883, VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, p 93. This article could easily have been titled ANOTHER ADVENTURE IN PROPHECY. But, deep in my heart, I feel more pity for President Muhammadu Buhari than triumph in my own predictions regarding the murderous operations
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Agbekoya faults northern governors over influx of Almajirai into South-West

Southward flight of almajiris and northern leadership(2)

Readers who have been following the revelations coming out of the ongoing judicial inquiry in Imo State might be forgiven for sneering, “Look, who is talking.” North and South of Nigeria, governors of states, from some of the first set of 12 appointed by General Gowon in 1970 till now, had been mostly accused of corruption. Inquiries into the affairs of the 12 states exonerated only two – Governors Mobolaji Johnson of Lagos State and Audu Bako of Kano State. Former Police Commissioner Bako not only kept his hands clean, he began the transformation of Kano (which included Jigawa at the time) from a mostly arid territory to the most self-sufficient in food production today.

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Buhari's speech in brief

Buhari, Nigeria and the eighth May 29

On May 29, 1984, 1985, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and now 2020, Buhari was the Nigerian Head of State. When he leaves office on May 29, 2023, he would have led us on that date in the calendar more than any other leader except former President Obasanjo. As he clocked the eighth May 29 as the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of Nigeria Incorporated, with only three more to go, Nigerians and Buhari himself should be asking questions about the legacy he would leave for posterity. Right now, there is nothing positive to report.

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CSO hails Buhari, military over gains recorded in fight against insurgents

For once Buhari enjoys my total sympathy

Like most people, I have spent all my life thinking that miracles occur to change our lives from bad to good. Now I know better in a personal way. I have also lived long to see how the crude oil miracle which altered our lives since 1973 has finally ended in a negative miracle 47 years after. Incidentally, the two major disasters occurred at the same time.

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Palliative: They expect Nigerians to live on N167 per day

Palliative: They expect Nigerians to live on N167 per day

“As we know, the CCT (CONDITIONAL CASH TRANSFER) is for poor and vulnerable households in the country…beneficiaries are entitled to N5, 000 every month; however, the payment of N20, 000 now to each beneficiary is for four months. It is going to happen all over the country, but we are starting with FCT, Lagos and Ogun. These are the front line states. Others will follow…” – Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, DAILY INDEPENDENT, APRIL 2, 2020.
The Minister further said.

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What does the S/West produce that compares with the North?

I wish to register my total disagreement with the half-truths and innuendos presented by columnist Dele Sobowale. He prides himself as a well educated economist who has been contributing to economic matters for well over four decades. Yet, he flaunted not only inaccurate figures but also deliberately manipulated data to incite the gullible public in southern Nigeria. He has so far made two series under this obnoxious heading and is primed to go the long haul if he is not stopped in his tracks.

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