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Riding With Decorum (Part 1)

Being in the right state of mind when driving is a must, stress, fatigue, depression is an absolute No whenever you decide to drive. Not only are you a danger to yourself but would be a threat to other road users too. I remember going out with my driver in Nairobi, Kenya a while back, it was mid -morning so the roads were generally free, as we approached an empty road a woman came speeding right at us as if she were asleep and could not see us.

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Gracious Guest Etiquette

I recently had guests from the UK who had given me six months heads up that they planned to visit Nigeria. As always I am very particular about the comfort of my guests, so will go all out to ensure that the room is neat, the ambience is smelling nice and conductive there is water and drinks available, a few magazines and ample wardrobe space for convenience. The bathroom will have soap, toothpaste and all other required toiletries regardless of whether they brought their own or not. Invariably I like to play the perfect host, I then expect that my guest in return will be gracious guests, it is not mandatory but courteous.

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How Etiquette Savvy Are You?

It is imperative to recognize that you will be judged no matter what. It is easier to save time and energy by just making that efforts to make a good first impression your polished image will fire your presence, highly influential for developing relationships with others. People will take you more seriously, listen to your ideas and trust that you can add value.

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