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Time Out TO Relax!

A retreat should be designed with major objectives in mind at an affordable cost with no added stress. It is true that at times some companies have experienced good retreats, that they have considered engaging interactive, fun and successfully executed. The main issue is after all said and done, ideas shared, plans discussed, and the future looking bright, slowly but steadily, ideas begin to fade away, due to the lack of ownership of the vision or task ahead.

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Time to Give

In buying a gift emphasis should not be placed on how expensive the gift is especially for a friend, as this may be deemed the act of wanting to belong hence buying friendship. No matter your reason the presentation of your gift is key to successful gift giving etiquette.

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Domestic Staff Etiquette(2)

Last week I started with my strategies that I believe will help you overcome any domestic staff palava you may be experiencing. As I mentioned I have had two of my staff for over 17years still working diligently. I have always been asked to share my secret. Well hope you read the first few strategies in part 1. Let me continue with more strategies enjoy your read.

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