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It’s Christmas!

We all love the opportunity to dine out whether it is in a restaurant or at an event. It is so much fun eating in the right ambience, with the right people, in the right mood; this sets the tone for a great time out. We are now in the festive season with numerous Christmas weddings, parties and dinners. This is the time where you will likely indulge yourself in eating all sorts of assorted to meals as you come across them taking advantage of the holidays while putting your dining skills to test.

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Christmas Card Etiquette

By Janet Adetu In the spirit of the festive season it is time to show some love, appreciation, gratitude and gratefulness. Christmas cards are a great way to express this in addition to the exchange of gifts. These cards are the tradition during festive times like this, I can remember stacking up past Christmas cards
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A Sip of Tranquility -Mastering Tea Etiquette

Ummm…. That was so refreshing”    I am a regular tea drinker back in the days I would have no less than four cups a day. I stil find it most refreshing, soothing a great kick start to my day but I have since reduced my daily consumption. But you will agree with me that a cup of tea is one of the most widely and popularly consumed beverages worldwide second only to water. Tea is drank everywhere in spite of hot temperatures and more so during cold temperatures.

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Mingling with Ease (Part 2)

Relationship building starts from confident conversations, which ultimately is the stepping stone to cultivating rapport. During my trainings I always ask participants to answer as truthfully as they can whether they are completely comfortable walking into a room full of strangers during a formal networking gathering or a social event. To my surprise majority of the class have slight challenges when they have to exert themselves among strangers.

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Being stylish is it showing off?

Being stylish does not mean you have to break the bank to do so. Being stylish is wearing that thing that makes you look good. It should flatter your body shape and reflect your personality. Of course, you should also feel good in the clothes you wear not because you intend to show off but simply to acknowledge that you are on point with your grooming skills and you are consistent with how to coordinate you appearance with panache.

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Gifting Etiquette

How often do you buy a gift for someone? Whether it is for a birthday, wedding, valentine’s day you name it, not everyone is inclined towards buying a gift for someone. At times it could be because they are could not bothered, feel lazy about it, have no clue how to buy a gift or would rather just give money or nothing at all. In the past wedding ceremonies would set aside a segment where you could present your gift to the bride and groom.

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