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Driver’s Meal Ticket

By Janet Adetu

What we see today is that the season of weddings is now an all-round celebration come rain come shine. The nuptial knots are being tied on a regular basis now, so wedding protocol is becoming part of our daily lifestyle.

I like the way the couple or the families now go out of their way to provide save the date letters, full detailed invites, and now they go the extra mile to remember that the drivers themselves also need to be taken care of on such occasions.

To a large extent many weddings celebrate both the engagement and the wedding just days apart within the same week. It is never an easy task to send out invites for a two day saga to the same person or family. As is traditional the wedding of young couple has become a show of love, affection, support and generosity for the couple and the family at large.

Personally when I attend events I specifically like to ensure that my driver gets something to eat, after all it can be a whole day affair running from the church to the wedding hall for the reception. It seem really unfair for your driver to go unfed the entire time.

I remember recently having spent quite a while at a grand wedding with lots of pomp and pageantry. I was there with a group of friends, enjoying the day. At the time of leaving when one of my friends driver pulled up it dawned on her that her driver had not eaten the whole day and infact the meal ticket that came along with the invite was actually on her. No apology for her negligence, the damage had been done.

What do you do with the driver’s meal ticket when you see it in an invite?

Many times I have heard drivers say their bosses did not give them any card. They either end up fighting tooth and nail for a pack of food or they unfortunately go without eating. It is time to be vigilant and more caring when you attend such functions with your driver.

A nice new trend we see is that the event organizers and host families inwell planned out weddings are now providing “Meal Tickets” for the drivers. This is step in the right direction, to help feed the drivers themselves. It is important to manage the execution well as it can be a very chaotic ordeal. At some occasions I have seen drivers fight on top of themselves just for a pack of food. The distribution sets in elements of bias and prejudice where some drivers get more than one pack while others get none.

The driver’s meal ticket itself is just a small card that entitles your driver to a pack of food, a drink and probably water as stipulated by the celebrants.Thankfully event planners and party hosts are taking into consideration all who attend such events and all who need to eat. In the past food would be catered for just the main guests, as it would be charged per head. I am now happy to see that a special driver’s pack has been created and many people are following suit. I decided to write a few etiquette strategies in respect of this Drivers Meal Ticket just to raise the awareness and to sensitize us on how best to execute the use of these tickets not just to keep them inside the envelops.


Identify the distribution of food at your event

Today unless you have decided to cater for everyone at your event regardless of who they maybe. It is a good idea to separate the cooking portal and the distribution of food between your guests and the domiciliary guests. Many times when you get to an event you are told that the food has finished, it is because to a large extent; everyone is eating from the main source,that has been set aside for your main guests. To avoid angry and disgruntled guests always have another caterer provide meals for your domiciliary guests. They will feel happier and content guests.

Add a meal ticket for drovers to the invite

Once you have decided to provide drivers meals or meals for others add the drivers meal ticket among the main invite. This you may do for each event day that is for the engagement and wedding if it involves more than one event. The ticket should specify the date and venue of the events. To distinguish separate days you may choose to use different colors on the card to avoid any mix up.

Distinguish access cards from meal tickets

Many times we see inside the invite the access card is the same size as the meal ticket for drivers. It is important to distinguish the main invite access card from the meal ticket itself. The access card is much more conducive to carry into a wedding rather than carry the large card. Ensure that you take the access card itself and not the meal ticket for access especially when it is  strictly by invitation event.

Give your driver the meal ticket

Many times guests do not read the invite fully or they read without acknowledging the drivers meal ticket. Once you see a meal ticket inside make it a duty to present to your driver to access food and drinks too.

Collecting meal ticket

Events planners and party hosts should ensure that there is a responsible and reliable person who is made available to collect their meal tickets once food has been served. A method of tearing or stamping the meal ticket should take place so that you avoid recycling the old meal ticket. Avoid any form of favoritism or prejudice when sharing food.

Production of meal ticket Vs meal packs

It can be assumed that the meal packs have been made accordingly with the meal tickets.It is better if the meal packs are in excess of the meal ticket so everyone is satisfied than vice versa. Many times the food is poorly distributed and you have many disgruntled drivers who have meal tickets but the food has finished. This can spoil the vibe of the party and lead to strife, arguments, fighting and much more.


There are still a lot of other mouths to feed at weddings and main functions today. Are you providing for just the drivers or are you catering for the extras like the security men, the protocol, ushers, and others.  This group form a large number at many events, it is wise to prepare for contingences.

Good luck always!!!!!!!


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