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Movie Mania

By Janet Adetu

The cinema a place some of us call the “movies” is now a favorite hangout for friends, family and even corporate events. It truly is the place to run away to relieve stress, unwind and have a bit of fun watching an interesting movie.

There is nothing like watching a big screen if you are into action, fiction, adventure, thriller or romantic movies. After such a long time away from the movies myself it appears like creative talent has really come alive the urge to watch some of the current productions has been revived so I have once again picked up the interest alongside my family. I am so glad I did.

The cinema house is very much a public environment with tons of people trooping in and out all day, week, and all month. It is amazing how people behave and conduct themselves in and around the cinema, especially when a hyped movie is showing or a premier has just taken place.

Have you ever been to the movies when a block buster is showing?

The rush is crazy, some queues are visible while some are chaotic. Some people are in such a haste they cannot wait for the queues. Regardless of the environment all manner of character is on display.  from the appearance and what people wear, to the language spoken, the lack of discipline, respect and consideration.

I have put togethera few protocol steps that I feel wil be impactful to you as it relates t your next cinema visit.


Where are you watching?

There are cinemas all over now almost a reach in all localities, with many news ones springing up on a regular basis. Have you discovered the nearest cinema to you? Once you have established which cinema you prefer to watch your next movie. It is important to factor in your journey time to the cinema, leaving enough room for you to settle down and get into the movie mood before the movie starts. The essence here is because you may have a favorite movie destination your time management must factor in journey time, parking time, ticket purchasing time too.

What is on the menu?

Knowing what time your movie is going to start or the various movie  times will help you to plan ahead. More importantly knowing what movies are now showing in the cinema near you also gives you a better opportunity to make choices. Knowing the movies on the menu will also identity the age limits and restrictions too, which should be strictly adhered to. Most movies are PG for the young kids, PG 13 for age13 and below, PG 16 for 16years above and X rated movies that are strictly for adults. When your children say they are going to the movies it is also important to double check what the rating of that movie is on the menu especially for the young ones. The same applies to you to always check the rating tof a movie to gear yourself up to the movie expectations.

Paying for the movie

The last time I was at the movies, we arrived 25 minutes before the movie was to start thinking we were well on time after all the one thing we needed to do was pay for the ticket and to go right in. To my surprise the queue was endless and I knew that going by the speed of the queue we would likely have to pick a new time as we were surely going to miss the movie scheduled for that time.  My lesson learnt was that if there is a way you can pay for the ticket in advance before the movie then do just that to save you precious valuable time.

Seated in front of the big screen

For your comfort the further you sit from the screen the better the view. Buy you popcorn and drinks before you are seated to avoid being a nuisance to other viewers. As much as possible use the rest room well before the movie starts as this is a total discomfort to others moving up and down during the movie. Full meals are not allowed in movies so eat well before going in. Your snacks are just about what is acceptable.  Yes all movie halls are of course a non-smoking environment.

Discrete and confidentiality while seated

Use of phones must be done with deep consideration while in the public screen room. No torch lights are allowed when lights are off. No phone calls while the movie is on otherwise send a response by text or sms. If a call must be received it is smart to keep your conversation discreet and confident. Loud phone responses may attract attacks and negative remarks from other users who will consider you insensitive, nonchalant and inconsiderate. Whatever you have to say within the walls of the cinema may not go unnoticed be confidential and discreet in your entire conduct.

Kids Zone…or Not?‘

Finally yes the movies is a place for the entire family. Ideally take your kids to day time viewings and where all their age mates are,

Avoid leaving your child alone once the movie has started, it is better to be wise        William when your kids are out in public places. Watch your child’s movements at all times. Unfortunately I have seen some parents take their young under aged kids into a PG 16 movie and others. Violent and hyper active movies are a no kids zone viewing. Caution and responsibility is the assignment of all adults alike.

The objective is all about having a good day out for yourself and with others. Make your next outing positively memorable. Avoid arguments even when they are right in your face. Be leader and leader by good example.

Please share with me any etiquette experience you have had recently or in the past. Comment on facebook or instagram @JSK Etiquette Consortium.



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