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Labour of Love

In rendering your services what would make you do it for free? Would it be passion or compassion? Would you work for free if you had to or is your labour conditional to circumstances around?

Income, compensation, reward and remuneration are all enticing and may be tied to your willingness to perform or your overall productivity.

Is the reward conditional to your output?

When you think about it is your labour for the love of the job or as a must with no choice.I ask all these questions because I see that for some people when income is attractive they may or may not put on extra effort in rendering their service. The thing is your work will always speak for itself, doors can open for you beyond your imagination when you position your labour with love, enthusiasm and excitement.

I have seen people offer their service for free just to get the desired work experience and exposure required to build a pedigree for themselves. Interestingly this has paid off for them overall, because not only did it provide  input for their Curriculum Vitae, it showed first hand that they were capable, responsible and reliable.It takes a lot of discipline to labour for the love of the job, your attitude and behavior are on target here.  Your true character and personalityshows when you work for passion.

Many people finish formal education and expect a good job will come on a platter of gold. They also feel entitled to a huge salary at once on the back of a mere qualification. I would say seek experience first even if it may temporarily require a pay drop just to get one foot in. Employers are not just looking for that employee that is interested in receiving a salary, but a team player, an innovator a game changer that will fit into the corporate culture and build it up too.

If you are wondering why after so many interviews you still have not secured your dream job consider the following:

Strategies to bring out the best in you.

Volunteer your service when needed

If you are job hunting and you feel you are spending too much time at home waiting, look for where you can intern for a short period to boost your learning and get the exposure plus experience you require to move to the next level. Having a degree and a certificate is not the end goal; being able to practicalize your knowledge is key. Render your service as a labor of love and see what opportunities may come your way.

Don’t hold back put in your best

When you decide to do something with passion don’t hold back. Put in your all do your best,infact you may decide to outperform yourself if you can and stretch your limits. Put yourself to test and see how you adapt to varying circumstances, how you maximize certain conditions and turn them into opportunities.

Leverage on Opportunities

You may feel you are skilled in a certain area, do notrestrict your skill, if another opportunity arises grab it with the intent of wanting to diversify your knowledge base, your perspective and your skills. Too many people allow opportunities to pass them by without leveraging on what the opportunity can bring. Every new skill is valuable, it depends on how you use it.

Identify your Strengths and Weakness

The earlier you know where your strength lies and you identify your weakness the better you will develop yourself, focus on your weakness and strategize how you can turn those weakness into strengths. As you develop new strengths turn them into skill setsand vice versa. Effort is key push forward and aim for the best.

Quick Tips For Success
*Change your perspective on how to be successful, review your mind set.
*Identify your best areas; build on them until you are an expert.
*Discover areas where you need new knowledge or you are deficient in knowledge.
*Begin to learn new things, unlearn old things and relearn abandoned things.
*Approach your work with love, add passion to succeed and the will to move up.
*Your best may just not be good enough seek to excel in it.
*Aspire to be inspired always, transform your potential and discover the new you.
*Hard work pays, never relent in your efforts, you will be rewarded without knowing.
*Walk your own walk and talk your own talk be your own ambassador, follow nobody
*Learn from the experienced, tap into their stories, use this as a yard stick to making the right moves.




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