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Concert Craze

By Janet Adetu

“ That concert had too many people, it was over packed, rowdy and heavily oversubscribed“.

What were the organizers thinking about?

These were some of the words from my kids of their friends last December coming back from one of the numerous concerts they had attended. The season for concerts around the festivities period in December is usually one that the young ones look forward to. I would say the millennials simply love to hangout at concerts, a way to let their hair down and have fun in. For them the ambience has to be fun, social, bubbly, lively and adventurous. Watching the performances and listening to live music has become a serious craze today. You will find these young millennials attending at least 1 – 5 concerts in one season, regardless of who is performing. I guess the experience of seeing these artists live in person is all part of it.

When you decide to attend these concerts you must be ready for the craze that goes along with it. Apart from trying to secure a decent ticket, that will position you in a favored place, you will need to contend with the enormous crowd; the unscrupulous characters you will surely face; humongous noisy, acts of bad behaviors and much more.  Concerts are not a place to show off, or look too dainty or flash expensive devices as you will surely become a hit target. If you must carry your expensive device my suggestion would be to be prepared to guard it with your life so to speak. Do not be surprised in anyway if it is carefully lifted from your bag, pocket or jacket once you take your eyes of the ball for a second.

How craze can those concerts be?

If care is not taken the experience can be either fantastic, or one to remember for long or so bad that you vow never to attend another. One of my daughter’s friends coming from the UK was invited to one of the recently held concerts and posted on Instagram her ordeal that left her quite sad and bitter. I have written some Concert Etiquette Strategies just for your ease when next you decide to step out for some concert fun. Take your time to read and digest:

Concert Etiquette Attendance:

I suggest that you should always attend a concert with people you know, friends, family and colleagues. Be your brother and sister’s keeper and look out for each other, never attend a concert alone.


Concerts tend to get very packed at later hours of the day, this is when huge crowds are prominent. It is easier to avoid the hustle and bustle of a crowdy scene by arriving slightly earlier. That way you can secure your seats and pick prized locations.


When seated at a concert it maybe a struggle to get food and drink during peak periods. Most good concerts tend to keep doors shut during performances only opening during breaks. To avoid undue distractions. I truly suggest you eat well before a concert or come earlier to give yourself enough time to eat well before the concert starts.


Concerts attract all sorts of characters, the good, the bad and the ugly from all walks of life. You cannot realy vouch for anyone, so how you appear is key to how you are addressed. The appropriateness of your clothing will prepare you for any eventualities. This is not the time for short skirts or skimpy outfits that will attract those with bad intentions. For ladies I again recommend wearing trousers with a decent top too. Choose the clothing wisely.


Butter and slippery fingers unfortunately plough in all nooks and crevices of the earth. Expensive gadgets, phones and other prized possessions are a a complete No No at crazy concerts, do not run the risk of the possessed of your goods in the name of a concert. I suggest you keep them in the car or completely at home.

Standing and Sitting:

No matter where you decide to stay in a concert you are bound to have people disturb, distract and discomfort you. Choose your seat location as best you can to avoid distraction. Also you cannot avoid others standing, waving or blocking your view but try to bear as much as humanly possible.

Voice Control

Your behaviour matters a lot at concerts, you never know who knows you or better still you may actually meet so many people you do know. . Caution how you shout, talk to others, use strong slangs as they say image is everything, it can make or break you. Lots of people will be shouting, swearing, disturbing and being a real nuisance, how you conduct yourself in the midst of this all says a lot about you. Act with caution avoid arguments, fights and causing an unnecessary scene.


Kids do love to attend concerts no doubt however an adult concert is strictly not for kids. It will be cumbersome, delicate and at times dangerous for you and the young children too. Take your children to child friendly concerts or events where provision is for that age group. Anything hazardous should be avoided.

Wishing you a fun and exciting time at your next concert. It is all about enjoying the experience as much as you can.

Be Attentive

Be Bold

Be cautious

Be Deliberate

Be Excited

Be Focused



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