By Janet Adetu

It is that time of the year once again when the Easter break is fast approaching, and you are wondering what to do with your kids. It is a time when every parent should be concerned as to how to keep their children productively active, to keep them away from bad habits, distracting activities and impolite behavior. Many organizations who engage in children’s educational activities and the like try to get creative all in a bid to helping provide that added knowledge outside the school environment. Ultimately the aim is  to help parents provide a place for their restless children to attend.

We at JSK Etiquette are strong a advocate of Bootcamps for kids as we try to modify behavior mannerisms, encourage character education, help boost the confidence of the children, while encouraging them to learn skills for life to bring out the true leadership potential in them. Bootcamps depending on the season of the year whether it is Easter, Summer or Christmas time can help a child exert themselves, meet new people, excel in their given talents and lots more.  I have had vast experience with children in my plight to execute excellence, I can categorically say that many children all find such boot camps very inspiring, engaging, educating and a good use of their time. I have looked at a few reasons why I feel that bootcamps are very beneficial to our growing children today.


Confidence building

During Bootcamps many children attend either because they have been asked to attend by their parents, tend to be reluctantly, while some others may be excited at the prospect of learning new things. I have seen that most times  children and teens during sessions tend to quietly take their positions on first arrival, some begin to start forming or sizing each other up, looking for approval of some sort. Amazingly it does not take time before we see the same kids and teens open up. All it takes is for them to feel  comfortable with their environment, they then suddenly they  are bubbly, lively, active and friendly. Bootcamps help expose children, confidence starts building as they learn new things among their peers which is much different from the normal classroom atmosphere.

Character Education

Millennials of today are exposed to the real world in more ways than we care to think of. The internet plus social media think of the internet plus social media is free for all who care to tap into it, providing extended information that today can be difficult to control. Some children use the 21st technology positively and to their advantage, sadly we have seen the consequences of the total misuse of social media and online platforms. Bootcamps center on curtailing bad behavior usually picked up from current bad trends of today, With character  education your child will be able to maneuver awkward situations, learn proper conduct and mannerisms to help apply to their everyday lives. It is a must that we mould the character of our youths today, in a way that brings out assertiveness, credibility, trustworthiness, honesty and politeness. These are the secret traits of a leader.

Build Relationships

Bootcamps bring together children from all walks of life and different age groups. Every opportunity for your child to come away from the television, the phone or social media will help them build themselves for the future. The Bootcamp is a break away from social devices, it will help them make contacts with peers, where they will share ideas, collaborate, have fun and grow.  I have seen many children develop good friendships through Bootcamps just by virtue of seeing new people daily. As they mature unto adolescence it is a life skill that will benefit them in the future.

Talent Recognition

Every child has a hidden talent, It comes out only when they are exposed to the right opportunity. Even when kids are asked what they would like to become as their chosen career it is amazing to see that they express one career line, and also tell you their great hobby which is an indication of where passion and talent lies.

Bootcamps help children engage in activities that they may not ordinarily to do at school or home. It is considered exciting for kids as the Bootcamp strives to promote soft skills rather than just the technical skills, the Bootcamp is one of the best tools for added growth and learning for your child.

Skill Sets

Finally what is your child’s Skill Set? Have you been able to identify what your child does excellently? A talent is inborn waiting to be revealed, skills in certain aspects of life are cultivated, built and developed overtime.  Surprisingly many children have the gift and skills of drawing or sketching, yes it is a talent too, but the skills and precision have grown over time. I have seen youths master the skills of writing, acting speaking and much more. As a parent do not over estimate your child’s talent or skill sets, as much as possible try to discover, notice and nuture it, they may be the key that holds the future.

Join our Courtesy Campus Easter Bootcamp this holiday season, for children aged 4-17 years who wants to make a difference in their generation, impact society and grow to be tomorrow’s leader. Let your child be a member of our SPLASH KLUB.

Keep your children productively busy this holidays.

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