January 7, 2018

Watch Your Behaviour – It’s a New Year

Watch Your Behaviour –  It’s a New Year

By Janet Adetu

Welcome to 2018 wishing you a happy New Year!

Your behaviour says a whole lot about you and your value system. Reflect on you bad habits and begin to develop good god habits, that is if you want to transform yourself and move to your next bigger and brighter level.

Sometime late last year I was at the airport seeing a friend off after her brief visit to the country. My friend had completed all the check-in procedures and was getting ready to go through to customs. The atmosphere got so hot she suddenly felt like something to drink before she faints or so she said.I opted to get her a bottle of water from one of the eating joints available. As we approached the venue my friend surprisingly suddenly decided that she wanted to calm herself down and have a quiet cup of coffee. We both sat for a few minutes waiting for the attendantto approach us, he looked like he was counting money and doing some paper work. He saw us sitting down quite all right but did not deem it fit to ask us what we wanted. As part of customer service it seems like common knowledge that the next thing would be to render service to the next available customer. With not much time on our hands we eventually needed to shout out to him just in case he did miss our presence. Finally in a space of seconds we heard him blurt out with a question asking what we wanted in a very non-chalant manner.By this time I was already fuming for his lack of courtesy. My friend ‘then shouted out in return ‘a cup of coffee please’- to our shock you will never guess what the attendant now rudely replied in return. “I’m too busy to make coffee”

Let me say no more I immediately bundled my friend away from there and simply asked her to go into the lounge after clearing customs to make herself comfortable. Now what kind of behaviour was that? Clearly he did not care about what we felt. If that were you would you care?

So unbefitting for the organization the attendant was working for, quite unbecoming of him as a person losing all credibility and so unfortunate that the poor attitude and behaviour was exhibited in a place where first impressions matter, being an open public airport environment. I looked at this attendant and instantly felt like he needed a good telling off for his terribly bad behaviour. I looked around me again and decided telling him off with the anger he deserved would only compromise my behaviour. A likely argument could ensue and people around may think we really did have issues, so I ultimately decided to walk away from the scene. If I had an opportunity to meet the owners of the outfit, I would not hesitate in telling them my experience. Needless to say that outfit comes highly un recommended.

Just thinking about the impression left in our minds by that bad behaviour was enough to prove that behaviour is a choice. One conduct towards another person can make or break a relationship or a business opportunity within a matter of minutes. Behaviour can be controlled sometimes it is predictable other times it is unpredictable. Behaviour if not watched can also be habitual good or bad, ultimately which ever behaviour chosen it should be towards developing yourself and not destructing .

Managing Your Behaviour

You may wonder and feel that you owe no one an explanation for your behaviour after it is your life, however there will always be a repercussion for behaviour that is unconducive, awkward and somewhat demeaning. If you think about it you really should care about your behaviour especially in places where you think you do not know anybody, somehow there is a possibility that someone will know you and never tell you too.

  • Recognize your Core Values

What in life do you consider important that has value to you? Identifying what your core values are will enable you to determine what you can ignore and what you can take moving forward. Your core values will tell you what important is and what is not, no need wasting time on trivials.

  • Keep Calm:

Unprecedented behaviour is born by impromptu reactions it is better to try to stay calm as much as possible and assess the situation first.

  • Control Your Anger:

Anger is a critical state of mind that must be consciously managed if deemed to be getting off track. Identify your limits and what ticks you off so you can control your predictions.

  • Watch Others Behaviour

Sometimes it is best to mirror the other person’s behaviour where you see a state of calmness in the event of a possible argument or disagreement. Be vigilante so as not to tarnish your image.

  • Show Empathy

The best way to manage your behaviour is to acknowledge what your actions would do to the feelings of others. Do not say what you do not mean. Do not do what you will not have done to you.

  • Step Up Your Communication Style

Communicate with ease and positive purpose, understand the situation first in order to make an informed decision. Avoid sending conflicting messages and be true to yourself.

  • Lead by Example

In a working environment your actions and behaviour make all the difference. Let the meaning behind each behaviour set the tone for great leadership. Where you need to reprimand be stern and disciplined for that moment. Where you need to reward be glad and appreciative of contributions made.

Wishing you all the best of luck this new Year!!