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Beach Etiquette

It is Easter time wishing you all a Happy Easter.

The holidays are here for you to rest and relax be social make merry and bond with friends and family. In the tropical climate, Easter is a great time to spend at the beach all towards achieving all of the above. Hoping the weather goes well the beach can be both fun, exciting and adventurous as well as a night mare too. From the long traffic delays getting to the beach, to the sea of heads and very large crowds to all manner of behavior on the beach. I decided to pen down what I call some beach etiquette tips. If only people could uphold proper conduct at the beach then your day out should be one to remember for good.

When you go to the beach, it may have been a while back now, If I may ask you to ponder a little.  What do you wear? What do you take to protect yourself? What do you eat? What liquid do you consume? There is a quite a lot to factor in while at the beach.

Invite Right

This Easter there may be many reasons why you may want to chill out at the beach, either as a host or a guest. Are you celebrating the season or a birthday or an event? Whichever the occasion invite like minds and groups if the party is large. A good blend of youths or kids in the same age bracket who can mix and mingle and have fun at ease. Be mindful when inviting elderly folks as you may need to provide extra shelter for them and extra care. As much as possible ask people to RSVP so you know the numbers you are catering and for better logistics.

Packing Right

The beach is not a comfy zone as it is all about pure nature, sand and water. You will need to prepare for the unpredictable climate when packing for the beach. Have a beach box that includes a few towels for wet feet, swimming and lying down on the sandy beach. Not everyone as a guest will remember to pack for the beach as it will just appear as another party invite to them, so have some spare towels in case. The sun can be very harsh on a good day and most of a great relaxing day is exposing yourself to the sun. It is an important must to pack and wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.  Whatever the size of your group a first aid box will always come in handy. Floor mats are also great at the beach to avoid the prickly sand. For good fun day pack a few family games and a wireless radio for excitement.

Dressing Right

Once again the fewer clothes the better for the beach but more importantly avoid heavy weight fabric that can draw heat towards you. Shorts, a T- Shirt or blouse is great for the beach, some people are comfortable wearing swim wear under other clothing before reaching the beach as minimal beach wear. It is also important to avoid dark colours in the sun too, light summer colours are more convenient to distract the heat. When it comes to shoes, sand proof and possible water proof shoes are preferable. Try to wear shoes that are equalnly not heavy on the feet and can carry the sand without being awkward. Bare feet or no socks is strongly advised. Minimal jewelry at the beach is for your safety, avoid anything that is bulky, long, dangling or too attractive. A hat or cap with sunshades is the topping to make you feel cool, at ease and comfortable for the day.

Eating Right

The beach is a place where food needs to be consumed fresh. Be mindful when bringing food from home which must be consumed at once or on time. Avoid salads if it is not in a chilled container. Oily foods at best should be at a minimum, while it is safer to bring packed food like finger food that is easier to consume. Lots of drinks and water is required to stay hydrated on the beach, you may need to come along with extra ice. Watch the food you eat served or bought on the beach too, look out for freshness. The use of breakable plates and cups is a complete no no, disposables are best especially when it comes to cleaning up. Be sensitive to keeping your environment clean and the beach clean too. Do not litter the beach make it a place that is safe for all.

Playing Right

As much as your guests may want to relax at the beach, always prepare for some fun. Music is the number one ambience creator, be wary not to be a nuisance to other beach users by toning down the sound of your music if need be. Ball games like volley ball, football, netball or badmington are great family sports. The beach may also have some beach activities for all that will involve entering the water if you are upto it. Depending on the age groups in your party some may like board games so do not forget to cater across board.

Behaving Right

Finally the beach is a place to let your hair down and unwind, unfortunately some see this as an opportunity to misbehave. Be mindful of your conduct, your language and the way you talk to others. Avoid sabotaging your image especially where you do not know others who just might know you. Comply with all rules and regulations, follow guidelines, instructions and advice for your safety. Act mature when someone is misbehaving and correct rather that argue.

Wishing you all the best at you next beach trip.




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