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Magnificent Mum

By Janet Adetu

First I must say happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mothers. This is for those I have never met, those I aspire to meet, those of you who have made me laugh, cry and reel with excitement. Not forgetting those who have inspired, encouraged, adviced, and prayed for or with me over the years.

What a joy it is to be a Mother, a day to remember in the life of every woman.  A day of mixed feelings, overwhelming joy, bouts of pain as well as exciting relief. “Can you remember the moments?”

It is indeed a journey that a woman takes with lots of prayer, for both self and  your baby(born or unborn yet) and your family as a whole. The job of a Mother begins on that very day in the labour ward when “its time for that baby to come out”. The job is never ending from the first smile, first steps, first words, first day at school, all the way to when you see your own baby carrying their own baby.

Wow! Sometimes it feels scary because nobody is perfect, no amount of lessons can be sufficient to teach us women what to do and how to do it when the time comes or when situations arise. Experience they say is the best teacher, so we can only take a leaf from our own mothers and the mothers, young and old that surround us.

As I let you in on a few Mothering Etiquette Tips that I personally put together, remember they are only guidelines that will enhance, build and propel you to being a better person. Knowledge is power, we should seek to keep ourselves empowered at all times; seek new information, desire to develop our person our  polishand our presence.

Let me start with this beautiful quote which for me more is more of food for thought byMaraleeMakee

“Today our children are our shadow

Tomorrow they will be our reflection”


a) Be Spiritually Tuned In: Before I step into the act of branding you, we can all agree that to be a mother is easily one of the most difficult jobs ever. Your whole character, personality and charisma rubs off from you and is transferred to your child in small portions as you go about your daily duty as a mum. Seriously the first step as a mother without any contention is to be spiritually in tune with your maker.

b) Etiquette – Your No.1 Principle:

Etiquette they say is language that ex+presses patience, kindness, love, respect and consideration. It is not about pretending or being fussy, but an attempt to be perfect and mindful in behavior, in conduct, in character and personality.

  1. c) Have Elegance, Poise, & Presence:

An Elegant mother is graceful in appearance, eloquent in speech, stunning  in poise and presence. Pay attention to the details in your deportment, walk with meaning, do not drag your feet or swing your arms like soldiers.       Gracefully, stand upright, sit with poise and exhibit body language that says a lot about you positively without saying a single word.

  1. d) Lead by Example:

Remember you are always being watched, It is better to be admired than to be watched. You are not perfect so are allowed to let your guard down once in a while after all you are only human. However your children and many others that surround you will always watch closely.

e)Watch Your Character Traits:

Another quote I like:

“You lose your property you have lost nothing

“You lose your health you have lost something

“You lose character, you have lost everything”

Show the right attitude at all times as a mother even in circumstances where the other person was wrong. Be the more mature person that has an aura of peace, patience, joy and happiness. Have an optimistic view of life even when you are challenged these are the things that build your character.

f)Quintessential Image:

Your image is everything, the beginning of you creating a good or bad first impression. Whether you are meeting your child’s teacher for the first time, your new boss, a potential client or a distant inlaw how others view you should be your concern. As a mother you not only mentor your own children, but the people you work with, your clients, acquaintances, colleagues, staff and subordinates.You should either command a sense of authority, or approachability otherwise you will be seen to be standoffish, proud and unapproachable. Dress the way you want to be addressed at all times for all occassions.

g)Think, Speak, Act:

How eloquently do you speak? As a mother, your child’s first words will come from hearing you as well as others. Make up your mind what language you would like your child to learn first. Perfect the language and construct your sentences well.

h)Evolve with the Times

Our children today are so high-techwe can hardly keep up with them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Likes. What next?

This Z generation are fast taking over the world. I say keep up with the times and don’t be left behind. Let yur children know you are a breast with what is going n around you.

i)You Were Born to Inspire:

You should have it at the back of your mind to want to leave a good legacy behind for your children both boys and girls. We all have dreams and aspirations that form our daily, weekly and yearly goals. Be a huge inspiration to your children, whether you bake cakes, sell shoes or clothes, design clothing, train, teach, consult, whatever you do let your children have cause to be interested in what you do.

Have a Blessed and Great Mothers Day.



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