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Christmas with In-laws


It’s Christmas, wishing you all esteemed listeners a very Merry Christmas, may this festive season open doors of opportunity for us all. The season depicts love, sharing, merriment, relaxation, joy, giving, entertainment and lots more.

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Glued to the Television

What is your favorite past time activity? For quite a few people sitting in front of the television watching a favorite series, documentary, movie or musical video is the ideal way to relax and while away the time. For others this is the only way to relax when at home. We have discovered also that television watching can be addictive most especially for young children and youth today. Are you a television addict glued to the TV?

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‘Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize’

What is a CTM? One of my many questions I would ask during my grooming training sessions. For a few minutes I would see all the women look at each other searching for the answer. I would then repeat the question re-emphasizing the letters C, T & M. If I am lucky I may get the odd one or two telling me exactly what it means, otherwise until I spell it out well many are quite unaware. Simply put it is a beauty regime for both men and women alike involving a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing the power point of our bodies namely the FACE. Now why is that of any importance to you I here you say. Well the face is the most delicate part of the body, just by going about our daily activities we can clearly see that our face is subject to so much harsh weather conditions as well as pollution in the environs all affecting the skin in various ways without knowing.

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Etiquette in the Gym (1)

The new craze for being and staying healthy has become a bug. Whether your staying healthy is by going to the gym regularly, watching what you eat or managing a healthy lifestyle, it has become a must for everyone. In a bid to portray success you find yourself juggling so many things all at the same time, where multi-tasking has become a talent and an art for the savvy person.  When doing this you find that it is so easy to forget your codes of conduct, respect and consideration for others. Then what do you think happens? Eventually you end up throwing your very own posture, polish and presence out of the window.  How do you think you fare in the gym, at the spa, on the tennis court or even on the golf course?

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