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Social Etiquette

Let us Rise for a Toast: ‘Toasting Etiquette’

During my training sessions when I ask participants to practice proposing a toast, I notice that many are lost for words. They simply have no idea what is the right thing to say, whether the toast is at the beginning or at the end of the event. Interestingly even though this is round about a five minute exercise, there is a lot of protocol that goes into it. Enjoy your read.

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Kitchen Craze

Do you treat your home like a home a place of love, peace, serenity and freedom?

Many people see home as a place to sleep, wake up and get ready for the next day. It is not necessarily a place they look forward to coming home to but for the fact that it is a roof over their head. Your home is just the way you make it. For a woman you should have a place in your home or a specific room that you enjoy being in regardless of all the stress you go through day in day out.

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Say it like you Mean it?

They say in life that it is important to get along with people every day, everywhere, every time. “No man is an Island” we hear so often, meaning that we must endeavor to associate with others, create and maintain relationships. Given this way of life there is the challenge to please others no matter the cost. I guess in the corporate space the choices are limited you must please your boss, employees and colleagues.

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Red Roses

Culturally, red roses because of their colour are symbolized around love, beauty, passion and romance. During the Valentines season a bouquet of red roses is used to express an affection for someone that is special, this is one of the reasons red roses are rushed and have so much significance. There are various other colours and over one hundred species that at times may take time to cultivate.

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Step up your grooming

Grooming an essential part of our daily routine but only too often is it overlooked. Living in the new 21st high tech, fast paced global world today just shows us how life is like a flying bullet. It appears like so much is going on for everyone, with so little time to get all things done when desired. We are constantly in a race with time.

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Leading in the New Year

Leaders project outstanding characteristics, behaviour, attitude and attributes that make them stand out from the rest. As a leader your mind set is fine tuned to wanting to have a positive impact on all around you; whether it is your immediate family, extended family, friends, colleagues, social group, institution or organization.

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How Prepared Are You?

It is so easy to go back to work or business and continue as usual and follow the same routine with no change or no foresight into the future. This is not a leader’s attitude to life and the consequences are big, it can surely set you back. For progress, the next level and self-fulfillment it requires planning, thinking out of the box, doing normal things differently and walking into the next phase with the right frame of mind.

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Time Out TO Relax!

A retreat should be designed with major objectives in mind at an affordable cost with no added stress. It is true that at times some companies have experienced good retreats, that they have considered engaging interactive, fun and successfully executed. The main issue is after all said and done, ideas shared, plans discussed, and the future looking bright, slowly but steadily, ideas begin to fade away, due to the lack of ownership of the vision or task ahead.

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