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Road Courtesy

Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

If you were to complain about three main things in your environment today, I’m very that one of those things top on your list would have something to do with our roads. Traffic is a major deterrent to the proper functioning of our daily activities. In the past the roads used to be predictable, but today we experience all sorts. One moment the road is unusually free and we cruise the streets in minutes, only to find that the next day there is absolute gridlock. Unfortunately, many times we never get to know the real reason behind some of these gridlocks. Spending two to three hours on the roads sets off a negative tone for the day. 

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Keeping up with our millennials

It is quite easy to feel that after so many years of working in the labour market you can pride yourself of being quite vast in your field. It is also easy to feel that your years of experience makes you a guru in your chosen field, you may just come across as the one who more or less knows it all. Today, that is not necessarily true it is no more about your technical skills even though this has an element of significance. It is now all about how dynamic you are and what unique changes you can bring to the table. This is what the new generation, the Millennials are offering – a complete new transformation.

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Pedestrian Etiquette

Very rarely do we walk long distances to get from one place to another, we are used to jumping into the nearest vehicle as it always seems that everyone is in a hurry. Several years ago a major event that attracted thousands of people caused an unpredicted traffic jam that turned out to be a complete standstill with hardly any movement at all.

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Etiquette in the Gym (1)

How do you think you fair in the gym, at the spa, on the tennis court or even on the golf course? I have highlighted below some steps to consider as best etiquette strategies for being a healthy person in these public health places: the gym. This article is divided into three parts 1 – 3 for easy reading.

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