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Social Etiquette

Becoming a Prized Package (Part 1)

Do you look authoritative, approachable or aloof? You are a brand how you package yourself makes a big difference. Attractive packaging will set you apart from competition. Essentially the way you look and carry yourself is your very own Personal Brand.

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Being Burnt Out

Somehow for many people being overworked is inevitable because it is a case of the survival of the fittest, but all to the detriment of good health. Sadly, we see it everyday people experiencing all sorts of ailments like cancer, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and cardio vascular occurrences at young ages and the age keeps dropping too.

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Wedding Gown Etiquette

For the bride to be the day is a treasured memorable day as the bride is the spectacle that everyone wants to see, she is easily the focus of attention that day along with her beau of course. The day brings emotions, fun, excitement and love for the families involved, just as it requires a huge amount team work for the planning despite how big or small the ceremony will be.

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What’s in a name?

Remembering someone’s name is a gift, not everyone has that talent. Infact many adults are victims of forgetting names most times within the first ten minutes of meeting someone. To avoid such awkward situations during any first time meeting you will need to make a conscious effort to try to remember the name. never feel shy to ask someone to repeat or remind you if you missed it at the beginning.

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Labour of Love

Many people finish formal education and expect a good job will come on a platter of gold. They also feel entitled to a huge salary at once on the back of a mere qualification. I would say seek experience first even if it may temporarily require a pay drop just to get one foot in.

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