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Social Etiquette

My Space Revamped

What image does your desk portray? Does your desk speak volumes?

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In-laws at the Dinner Table

Remember, just as your own family is welcome in your home, your in laws should be too. When the in laws com visiting that is a crucial time when you can make or break your relationship with them. If you have taken the pleasure of inviting your mother and father-in-law over for dinner, this is the perfect time for you to put on your royal cap and impress them.

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WhatsApp “Staying Connected”

One platform that resonates well with many in these days of constantly evolving technology is the chat platform “WhatsApp”. Both young and the elderly are permanently preoccupied with staying connected on WhatsApp with family, friends, colleagues, groups, and all those they know. I guess it is because it is quite a good user friendly social media app that does not require too much techiness.

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Saying No!

I guess in the corporate space the choices are limited you must please your boss, employees and colleagues. The office setting is where you are given duties which are influenced by your performance, equally tied to your appraisal, your promotion and your growth within the organization. 

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Being Burnt Out

Somehow for many people being overworked is inevitable because it is a case of the survival of the fittest, but all to the detriment of good health. Sadly, we see it everyday people experiencing all sorts of ailments like cancer, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and cardio vascular occurrences at young ages and the age keeps dropping too.

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