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Again,the health sector

JOHESU is an acronym for Joint Health Sectors Union. Ordinarily, this should mean that it speaks for all the health sectors in the country. That should have been good news to government or whoever has to negotiate with these sectors. But it has turned out to be bad news instead because JOHESU sees the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)—a major sector—as a rival and wants parity at all costs, including deaths to hapless patients who find themselves in the cross-fire. Sectors that should speak with one voice have thus become a tower of Babel.

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Kaduna and Rivers: A tale of two states

They are home to the two most important towns in Nigeria outside of Lagos: the headquarters of the Northern and Eastern regions.  They are a story of  a broken promise. Port Harcourt could have been a dazzling garden and port city. It was the place where tourism planned to meet business.  Kaduna represented power and hope. Now, it represents the North and its  baffling  retardation, retrogression. It hosts a multitude of educational institutions yet owns  a teeming population of  idle illiterate youths.

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Vladimir Putin

Russian energy investments amid sanctions

Economic uncertainties are situations that nobody can predict or guarantee. Such uncertainties may be from situations of sanctions or threats of them. Sanctions are penalties imposed by one or several states on another state to persuade or compel that state to amend its behaviour, or for strategic reasons. Sanctions might be imposed after a breach of international law such as military aggression, the abuse of human rights, or in retaliation for unfair trading practices. Sanctions can involve either military action or the interruption of normal trading practices; a boycott on imports from, or an embargo on exports to the offending state; suspension of financial aid; and freezing a country’s overseas assets.

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Nigerian police

Of Hisbah, state Police and the trouble with “supermen” in power

Contributing, one of the members announced he had passed the report and film clip to the Kano Hisbah Board for necessary action. Though he was quick to add, it wasn’t because the “evil” was perpetrated in Kano, because he had doubts that such evil would be perpetrated in my beloved state of Kano. He is from Zaria, even if he first went to university in the very late ’70s in Kano before returning to complete his university education and graduate back in Zaria, his home town.

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A Nigerian heroine called Leah

LET me join millions of Nigerians of goodwill and the rest of concerned mankind to wish our innocent, heroic tendril of youth, Miss Leah Sharibu, happy birthday. On Tuesday, 15th May 2018, she clocked fifteen. But she has little reason to celebrate because she remains in the clutches of Islamic terrorists while those with whom she was abducted from the Government Girls Science and Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe State on 19th February 2018, are home.

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