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Russia to use mobile phones to track people at risk of coronavirus — PM

Fear of coronavirus is the beginning of wisdom

‘To travel or not to travel.’ That was the question to which I needed a divine answer last weekend. This would have been an easier question to answer had the travel involved only me. But involved were people from different parts of the world that I rarely see; we were looking forward to spending time together.

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Oil war: Obsessive egotism and the impending recession

The global economy is faltering, with the oil industry out against itself and no solution in the near future. Things are indeed, falling apart, with the centre no longer holding, akin to native Umuofia, in Chinua Achebe’s African classic, Things Fall Apart. What appeared as a three-year-old marriage between Saudi Arabia and its ally, Russia, to support oil prices and erase the glut on the market headed for dissolution because of perceived irreconcilable differences of partners turned opponents. The tension between gladiators, OPEC represented by Saudi Arabia and OPEC+ personified by Russia escalated and developed into an all-out war. They began the oil price war with uncontrolled crude oil supply to gain market share. In one week, oil prices plunged by over 30 per cent, the worst since 2002. The International benchmark Brent crude went down to multi-year lows, trading at US$27.36 on Wednesday night, while the United States benchmark the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at US$22.77 per barrel. The OPEC basket of 13 crudes traded at US$30.36 a barrel according to OPEC Secretariat calculations.

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