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The NLC and the nationwide strike for increased minimum wage

IN  deciding to embark on a nationwide strike to press home its demand for a significant increase in the minimum wage payable to workers, the Nigeria Labour Congress , NLC, and its affiliate bodies have chosen on, perhaps, their only and most potent weapon of offence against a recalcitrant government. In this battle, the NLC is pulling all plugs and its members, it would appear, have been adequately mobilised and braced for the success of the exercise.

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Another kind of restructuring: Legislating our way out of dysfunction

THE perennial focus on the Presidency is one of the reasons for the lack of real development in Nigeria. We forget that no president, no matter how intelligent, well prepared, or well-meaning, can govern without the support and firm backing of a legislature which is able to produce well thought out laws to institutionalise public policy. What we prefer in Nigeria is tokenism, or drop-in-the-ocean initiatives such as constituency projects: feeding 100 widows here and there, providing 500 pairs of glasses for indigent people or a few tricycles and sewing machines.

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Time for FG to re-establish Education Bank to boost education among youths (2)

Last week I discussed the twin issues of poor funding of education and unemployment. I stated how several factors, with particular reference to the growing population of the country continue to push the percentage of unemployment upwards. This week I will focus on the Education Bank set up in 1993 to provide loans to students and why government should consider the reintroduction of the bank to meet current challenges in funding of education and provision of jobs for unemployed youth in the country.

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