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ExxonMobil (Nigeria) persists in cheating its Nigerian workers: What is the government doing?

IN the last few days, ExxonMobil Nigeria has embarked on an image-laundering exercise concerning its shabby treatment of its Nigerian security workforce.  It has paid for advertorials in several newspapers and online publications captioned “The Facts: Blockade of Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) Offices and Residences.”

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14 Nigerian banks to enjoy $7bn reserve

The Chairman of the Special Presidential Panel for Recovery of Public Property, Mr. Okoi Obono-Obla, recently, (Sept. 7th 2018), noted in a NAN report in Abuja, that the Agency is continuing its investigations to “recover monies that have been taken away from the people of Nigeria.” One of such ‘loot’, according to the Chairman  is the “almost $7bn bailout fund that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) granted 14 commercial banks between 2006-2008. Obono-Obla also confirmed that “after 13 years, these banks have not returned the money to government’s treasury.” Curiously, however, according to Obono-Obla “when we enquired from CBN, the state of that money, the banks told us that the money was ‘dashed’ to them.”

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In-laws at the Dinner Table

Remember, just as your own family is welcome in your home, your in laws should be too. When the in laws com visiting that is a crucial time when you can make or break your relationship with them. If you have taken the pleasure of inviting your mother and father-in-law over for dinner, this is the perfect time for you to put on your royal cap and impress them.

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