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Christians are idol worshipers

Atheism does not exist. Man is a worshiper. Everybody worships. The critical question is who or what we worship.

I went to buy blank videotapes in a van emblazoned with Christian VideoNet on both sides. When I came out of the van, an Asiatic gentleman engaged me in friendly banter. He was clearly not a Christian, but I soon got the impression he was in the marketplace for a new religion. He did not wait for me to witness to him. Having seen the insignia on the van, he wanted me to tell him about Christianity. But then he had some vital questions he wanted cleared up right at the onset.

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Again, The “Samanja” Governor In Imo

Mr. Anayo Okorocha’s activities in Imo State makes the saying that “elections have consequences” very true and immediate. Elections do indeed have consequence; and the election of the man called Rochas as governor of Imo State, who sold the snake oil of “philanthropy” to Imo people as his most significant quality, has come with great consequence to that state.

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