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The travails of Lai Mohammed

Friends and charitable foes must be pitying the lot of Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s minister of information and tormentor in chief, first of Dr Goodluck Jonathan and subsequently of Dr Bukola Saraki. When Yekini Nabena, who was in the shadows in the heyday of Lai’s activism, decided to take on Lai and rubbish his contributions to
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Why Tinubu is afraid

By Emmanuel Aziken After dithering procrastination the national leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has pledged to commence the planned validation and registration of party members next week. Ever since the plan was first revealed last year it has remained a source of acrimony among party members struggling over the soul of the party.
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As Museveni dips into more ignominy

By Emmanuel Aziken Early results from Thursday’s presidential election in Uganda showed President Yoweri Museveni in early lead. The lead by the president was, however, no cheer most people, especially victims of his 35-year iron grip on his nation. A nation once enriched by the flavour of Africa’s rich tradition, Uganda has been worsened by
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Abe and Amaechi: Conspiracy tales

By Emmanuel Aziken When Senator Magnus Abe last Monday insinuated that followers of the minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, were running loose in Rivers State, it again brought to light the fickleness in relationships among Nigeria’s political class. His assertion followed what he alleged as the disruption of a gathering of his supporters in Buguma
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Our Jonathan love story

By Emmanuel Aziken A sequel to Nigeria’s love story with President Goodluck Jonathan formally commenced in Abuja last Tuesday with the launch of a book titled “Dear President Goodluck Jonathan, An Open Letter.” Your correspondent has not seen the book or the nature of the letter in the book that was apparently purposely meant to
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