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Suicide prevention measures

Today’s column is a fulfillment of a promise I made to Professor Hope Eghagha, Head of the Department of English, University of Lagos. September 10 was World Suicide Prevention Day and Prof Eghagha used the opportunity to sensitise the public on the problem of the increasing number of suicide cases in Nigeria and how to stem the tide. 

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Rule of law

Ain’t the ‘Rule of law’a bitch (1)

I AM currently almost half way through my LLM Programme in the area of ‘International Law And Diplomacy’. Quite an interesting area of law, you should know. And I love the most the aspect of it called ‘International Humanitarian Law’ -otherwise referred to as the ‘Law of  Conflict’. Or the ‘Law of War’. Yes, you heard right; the ‘law of war’!

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Impeachment of Gov or Deputy gov: Lawful procedure (3)

This week I will continue my discussion with a focus on the developments in Imo State. The act of the House of Assembly in proceeding with the said impeachment despite the fact that there was a Court order restraining it from so doing is deplorable and same should be condemned. For starters, it is settled that all persons against whom an order of Court is made are duty bound to respect and obey same until same has been set aside by a Court of competent jurisdiction. It is not within the election of parties to choose whether or not to obey a Court order. Please see the case of NGERE V. OKURUKET (2014) 11 NWLR (PT. 1417) 147 @ PG. 173, PARAS F-G, where it was held that:

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