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Sweet and Sour

Farewell to a treasured matriarch

MADAME Henrietta Nnenda Wachuku will be laid to rest today in Ogbodo Village in Isiokpo, Rivers State. Madame Wachuku, who passed away peacefully aged 90 on September 30, was the beloved wife of the highly respected Ikwerre chieftain, S.A.J. Wachuku, the Orosi IX of Ogbodo.

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Buhari, NCAA

Good presidential move!

By Donu Kogbara RECENTLY, I accused  President Muhammadu Buhari of not being the kind of strict disciplinarian who can cure Nigeria of multiple ills. Some Vanguard readers contacted me to say that they disagreed with me because Buhari’s administration has been extremely strict in its dealings with VIPs it regards as miscreants – for example,
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South Africa

So sad

I AM not in a jingoistic mood at the moment. When I hear that Black criminals in South Africa are killing Nigerians and burning down their shops, my knee-jerk reaction is enormous sadness about the breakdown of a once-warm relationship between the two countries, rather than burning anger fuelled by patriotic fervour.

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Police, IMN, Shiites, Abuja

Good and bad cops

I HAVE a soft spot for the Nigerian Police Force, NPF, because when I was kidnapped in 2015, policemen at all levels – the then Inspector General (Solomon Arase), the then Commissioner of Police in Rivers State (Musa Kumo) and several of their subordinates who investigated my case and acted as bodyguards – were so kind to me.

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