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Sweet and Sour

Fiery first ladies

I DON’T know Mrs. Aisha Buhari, but I’ve always had a soft spot for her feisty, say-it-like-it-is personality, which doesn’t quite rhyme with her chubby-sweet baby face. And when she went public with bitter complaints about some of the people who surrounded her husband in 2016, I defended her on a BBC Television programme. And I’ve continued to adopt an indulgent attitude towards her occasional outbursts because I am also one for straight-talking. In fact, I am far worse than Mrs. B because I sometimes utter expletives for emphasis when something or someone has upset me.

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Igali celebrates EK Clark at 93 years

Tribute to an iconic Niger Deltan

By Duno Kogbara LAST week, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo (“EK”) Clark, the famous Niger Deltan activist and patriarch, celebrated his 93rd year on this earth. A documentary honouring him was aired on the main TV channels; and a dazzling array of distinguished household names – including Chief’s illustrious siblings, Professor JP Clark and Ambassador BA Clark
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CORONAVIRUS: New York doctor successfully treats patients with drug cocktail

Coro and journalism

“Coronavirus” is a word that strikes terror into the hearts of millions of human inhabitants of an increasingly besieged planet earth. And I find it helpful, psychologically, to minimise the power and impact of the word by almost jokily abbreviating it to “coro”.

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