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The IPOB and the bastardization of Biafra


Biafra was a refuge for the hunted and justice for the oppressed. The assertion of human dignity by the rejected and tormented.

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Gov Ihedioha! Imo is tired of ‘nwi nwi nwi’

The other day it was at the Imo house of assembly complex. There was a leaking roof. It had been allowed to leak. When the walls turned green and good for camera, the congregation for lamentation headed there. The speaker and the state legislators, the governor and his entourage, and cameras. The feast was  Okorocha and  the shabbiness of his works.

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Banditry and Boko Haram:The North slept for too long!

The north must wake up now. It must not murder sleep.The north saw nothing coming.  Population was deemed  strength. But it should have watched when others slowed down in breeding. It bred too many children and didn’t do much to care for them. They  roamed the streets. Yet, it bred more.  They forsook schools. And took to begging . Yet, it bred more. Those children, many of them, have gone feral. Now,the north cannot sleep. The north slept for too long.

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