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Road Banditry:Our Puff Adder can’t find its venom

police ,

The police launched Operation Puff Adder to retake Abuja-Kaduna road from the underworld. But that Adder has failed to puff any venom.

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Pastor, private jet

Our pastors and their private jets

The Bible says, in all our getting,  we should get understanding. I don’t know if our pastors can help their poor congregations understand this growing appetite for private jets. It’s possible that some pastors actually need  jets. And that their work for God would suffer if they traveled like the rest of us. I am not asking pastors to travel by donkey.  But before pastors buy jets , they should understand that private jets are symbols of opulence. The Bible warns us to avoid wastefulness.

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Strip bars are spreading promiscuously

Strip bars are sprouting everywhere.  It’s a cancerous phenomenon.A friend saw the house next door go up for sale. Then the buyer, the new owner,  began a curious renovation. When he was done, he hung  a cryptic sign. The neighborhood resisted the invasion by a putative beer parlor. The  beer parlor resisted the onslaught of anxious neighbours.  The law enforcement agents showed naked lethargy. The patrons of the new investment overwhelmed the moral disgust of the finicky  neighbours. The beer park-our stood.

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Lagos politics and the ubiquitous Igbo

Igbo is a migrant tribe. Lagos is a melting pot. Igbos will always abound in Lagos, any Lagos. They can’t be stopped. And can’t stop themselves.  They have taken their industriousness  everywhere. They have become the mostly widely dispersed and widely entrenched race in Nigeria and perhaps Africa. Lagos is where things happen.  Igbos are made for Lagos.

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