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Kaduna and Rivers: A tale of two states


They are home to the two most important towns in Nigeria outside of Lagos: the headquarters of the Northern and Eastern regions.  They are a story of  a broken promise. Port Harcourt could have been a dazzling garden and port city. It was the place where tourism planned to meet business.  Kaduna represented power and hope. Now, it represents the North and its  baffling  retardation, retrogression. It hosts a multitude of educational institutions yet owns  a teeming population of  idle illiterate youths.

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Lord Rochas Okorocha and his son-in-law project

Rochas Okorocha is his own enemy. He preaches power  rotation and Igbo presidency in Abuja.  But at home, he wants to keep the Imo governorship in his family’s piggy bank.  He has built more roads than any other governor  in Imo state’s history.  But he is known  outside the state only for puerility and building  of statues. Okorocha  has energy and drive. But he lacks circumspection and sense of  optics.

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Dapchi School girls

Dapchi: The war against Boko Haram must become a Jihad

Dapchi does not call for finger pointing and trading of blames. Dapchi demands clear eyed  sober reflection.  Dapchi is an unspeakable  calamity. One hundred and ten  teenage girls  snatched from their school by Boko Haram vultures. The nation, four years after Chibok, has failed disastrously to protect children in a school. It’s truly a national disgrace.  But we must understand the precariousness of our situation.  And we must channel our anger  and grief into rescuing the girls and into exterminating  the scourge.

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Buhari’s anti- corruption war room needs an adult with a whip

We can excuse the police. The police have not had time to join the  fight against corruption. Or perhaps they have not had the guile to pretend to be involved.  We have seen the DSS. The way they took on the judges you would think that they would have emptied the country of corrupt senior  civil servants and compelled a few senior police officers into prudent early retirement. 

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