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The Oluwole Epidemic: Fake documents, Counterfeits, Everywhere!

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo Oluwole was the street in Lagos where you could forge anything document. Birth certificates, vehicle paper, marriage certificates, degree certificates. Once you had a likeness of the original they reproduced it. It was also there that those who could forge signatures within minutes lived.   Once a driver took his boss’ cheque
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, Sanusi II

Why North needs more emirs like Sanusi

Emir Sanusi has been dethroned. He lasted six years.  Sanusi enthronement sparked hopes. The north had been in cultural handcuffs, detained in illiteracy.  The handcuffs had to be unlocked from within. It had seemed that a high profile social activist as emir could hold the key. But many feared for Sanusi.  Sanusi was loudmouthed. Where would he find tact? To survive, he had to stay within the bounds of the throne and let many sleeping political dogs lie.

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