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The diabolical silence of the Igbo elite

By Ugoji Egbujo A child who leaves skelewu to dance surugede must be reminded; surugede is a dance of the spirits. Those whom the gods want to kill they first make mad. Osinbajo fears civil war. War is hell, but we could be in for worse. The rampant slaughter of police and military personnel on the
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Hope Uzodimma and his roads revolution

By Dr Ugoji Egbujo Hope Uzodimma might mean different things to different people, but he has latched on Imo roads. Igbos believe names shape destinies. Uzodimma, literally, means, “Road is good.” Can Imo then rejoice? It is often said that roads are not everything and that it requires no inventiveness to build roads. That’s a
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Nigeria: One week, seventy troubles

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo Igbos say when a snake forgets how to use its venom, children will use it like rope and tie up firewood.President Buhari, are you there? Criminals are dancing skelewu under the president’s nose, and the once-revered, no-nonsense man is dithering, churning out hackneyed cautions. Bandits have invaded Government Girls Secondary School
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