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Baru: Another fuel supply war room now

Speculation on the barrel which is the bane of the oil industry has come alive. Oil prices rose Tuesday on news that Saudi Arabia is comfortable with Brent above US$80 per barrel, offsetting the concerns that have been building over the U.S.-China trade war. The Trump administration is escalating the trade war with China, by announcing US$200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods. The tariffs will start at 10 percent and go into effect next Monday September 24, and rise to 25 percent by January 1. An additional US$267 billion in tariffs on consumer goods are in the works. China would retaliate with tariffs on U.S. oil and gas exports to put a dent in crude oil exports.

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Don’t cry for Adeosun

Those in my generation who grew up in the South-West and attended Awolowo’s elementary schools would be familiar with D.O Fagunwa’s books. They were fascinating books. The escapades of valiant hunters in one of the books captured imaginations. So did the mushy love stories in another. One particular book, ‘Ogboju Ode’ (‘Brave Hunter’) went beyond the classrooms into homes and even playgrounds as we recited portions that captured our fertile minds. Even today, some six decades after, I can still recite some portions.

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Our victories in the Horn of Africa

QUITE often, the news oozing out of Africa are those of  booming  guns, rumblings of hunger, cries of children, sighs of adults and the forlorn look of the aged and, of course, an inept leadership that has turned the continent  into the headquarters of human poverty. But the news in the last few days and weeks are also of African leaders putting on their thinking caps to bring peace, as a step towards greater unity and development.

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Murray-Bruce offers Lady with poetic pidgin English, Kate Dekpe SilverbirdTV job – Reno

Following the video posted by the number one bestselling author and former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri who later rallied financial support and opened an account for Kate Dokpe, the Senator representing Bayelsa East senatorial district, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has offered Dekpe a job at SilverbirdTV as a newscaster.

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The weaponisation of mediocrity: The danger of recycling presidential aspirants

‘MANAGE it”. Across Nigeria, no matter the industry, the job description, the function or status of the speaker, one is sure to hear those two words at one time or the other. Part plea, part menace, either directly spoken or implied, everyone from customers to constituents has been told in one way or another to “manage” a sub-standard service or offering.

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Total reinvention of Nigeria fully indicated

RECENTLY, it was reported that Vice President Osinbajo (VPO) had a different view from former Vice President Atiku (FVPA) concerning the type of restructuring that Nigeria needed. While VPO only wanted fiscal restructuring, FVPA wanted both fiscal and geographical restructuring. I must say at the outset, that it is a good thing that both political leaders are agreed that Nigeria needs restructuring, unlike some other political leaders who say all is well and do not see any need to restructure.

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In these crazy times

IT is the season of madness and it suddenly seems strange to be normal. Fiction trails reality as Nigerians move from one scandalous episode to another. One doesn’t even know where to begin or from whom to  seek some explanation of the apparent mindlessness that has overtaken the land. As with all things at these times, Nigerian politicians are at the centre stage of the unfolding tragedy. As 2019 comes dangerously close (there seems to be many reasons why the people of this country have to be apprehensive of the approaching election), Nigerians can very well look forward to more  drama of bizarre composition.

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Need for single six-year term for President, governors

With the gradual approach of the 2019 elections, I have discussed several issues connected to the enthronement of a true democratic culture such as the need to ensure credibility of candidates of political parties, constant defection of politicians and the absence of identifiable ideologies of political parties. However, some developments with such defections and the skewed process of nomination of candidates have remained constant

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