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Global oil reality 2019

It was a sunrise 12 days ago, with a new year. We take a global peek of what this year may have in store for oil. As forecasted by the International Energy Agency, IEA in its Oil Market Report, global demand is projected to increase to 100.8 million barrels per day this year from a daily average of 99.3 million barrels per day in 2018. But another belief is that global oil supply will outpace demand throughout 2019. 

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How US, Europe, Israel and Gulf States nurtured ISIS

THE United States (US) like a country under bombardment, scrambled its National Security Adviser, John Bolton and Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo into the air. Their flights are taking them through the Middle East primarily to reassure their allies that they are still committed to the fight against the Islamic State, ISIS, a Frankenstein monster they collectively reared and nurtured.

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Nigeria must pass 7 basic tests of credible polls

The campaign for next month’s presidential election officially started on November 18 last year. Yet, to date, beyond the glossy manifesto booklets and the propaganda blitzes that followed their launches, few Nigerians really know the issues the candidates are canvassing. Their ideas are not ventilated on the campaign trail or scrutinised by the media. Nothing is heard about presidential debates, the sine qua non of any serious presidential contest.

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How Nigeria can achieve happiness in 2019

IT is traditional to make wishes for a new year. And it is also normal for everyone to wish for better in a new year. Many Nigerians have wished each other many things for the new year. One common or universal wish is “happiness”. That is why almost every Nigerian must have wished many other Nigerians “happy new year” since the mid-nite bell rang on December 31, 2018 ushering the new year- 2019. Indeed the same thing has happened globally, just as it has happened every year since I was a child. I cannot say when the greeting was first used but it must have been since the  first century or so. But my earliest vivid recall of hearing and exchanging this greeting was at age five. And that’s over six decades ago and yet this greeting remains current and indeed the major goodwill exchange every new year.

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Alex Badeh

The assassination of Alex Badeh, insecurity and the privatisation of the police (2)

FAMOUS or infamous as the Chibok and Dapchi school girls’ abduction cases have been, the Nigerian government is still in the game of spinning stories about what is going on. The government has not been able to do what it has severally promised: secure freedom for all the girls. Neither have their parents, families and friends been allowed closure after these many years of endless promises and chest-thumping about beating Boko Haram at its own game.

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