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Food scarcity, banned imports and the grim reaper

Nigeria has two armies. The first army, called “a nation within a nation”, is the one headed by General Buratai. The second army includes 190 million Fellow Nigerians; not in any uniform, but responding to the universal need for food. Just as the first army can be wiped out if the enemy cuts off their transport of food, the second army can also be demolished by mass starvation occasioned by acute food scarcity. Right now the two armies in Nigeria are endangered by inevitable very severe food shortage in the country this year.

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Buhari, AfCFTA

African continental free trade agreement: Matters arising

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari’s endorsement, of the document establishing the AfCFTA, at the 17th Extraordinary Session of the Assembly of African Union Heads of government in Niamey, Niger Republic, last week, (July 2019), suggests that 53 countries are now party to the same AfCFTA, which Nigeria, unexpectedly, refused to sign, even after 44 other countries had endorsed the treaty in a similar convention in South Africa in March 2018.

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Buhari, Nigeria, ministerial appointments

For Nigeria’s survival, God guide Buhari aright

NIGERIA today is three nations. The nation that holds President Muhammadu Buhari infallible, that which sees nothing but fallibility, and, the ‘Third Force’ which sees serious problems and wants to find solution irrespective of who is President of the party in power. This group thinks that if the heavens fall, it will fall on all Nigerians and it is, therefore, wiser for a collective struggle to prevent such calamity by all means necessary.

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