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Notes on Northern, other elders national summit: Good journalism, neighbourliness matter

On reading the write-up, “Why Good Journalism Truly Matters” by Adewale Kupoluyi, I found a window for RIPPLES to take a peek into a most vexatious issue that has been causing all the tensions in the land over the past decades we have been at war with each other for no identifiable and just reason. Kupoluyi said’ “the media, democracy and development are tripartite partners that could drive any modern society”. Note the word “could” and look at how the tripartite partners are out of sync with each other in our country.

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Disinterest in politics: A sign of both privilege and delusion

TO a number of well-to-do Nigerians, it doesn’t matter who wins elections, who becomes senator, governor or president, because they believe they will always have access to contracts, businesses and opportunities and that they are above caring how this country is run. Unfortunately, neither the elite nor the middle classes seem to have learnt lessons from the recession or the consequences of free spending, little savings or real investments.

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Ekiti election

Why PDP’s loss in Ekiti is bad news for the APC and Nigeria

WITH the declaration that  Kayode Fayemi has won the gubernatorial election in Ekiti, APC spin-doctors went into overdrive.   Lai Mohammed, well-loved by all and sundry for his vacuous bombasts, came out shouting on the rooftops that the Ekiti election is a referendum on the Buhari administration.   However, the honourable minister needs a gentle reminder that Buhari was not on the ballot in Ekiti.

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Handshake Across the Niger summit

The Middle Belt reawakening and the future of Republic

A HISTORIC Summit of the peoples of the Middle Belt holds this week. The event began yesterday Monday with a rally and will conclude today Tuesday with a conference on security and development in the region. It was the great novelist Chinua Achebe who once said that, “unless the lion learns to tell his own story, his history will always be written by the hunters”. 

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