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Buhari’s strange question in a strange time

Buhari mourns Awolowo's daughter, Revd Tola Oyediran

By Rotimi Fasan The last few years have been very strange times in the global scheme of things. But 2020 has been particularly grueling and disorientating. It is for many a wasted year whose after-effects will remain with us for decades. Each country has had to respond to the strangeness of the times in their
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Kenya 'headed for second wave of coronavirus'

COVID-19 and the practice of federalism

By Rotimi Fasan NIGERIA’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic both exposes the fault lines of our peculiar federal structure as well as throw light on our present bind and the way to achieving nationhood as a federation of states with disparate needs, goals and concerns. In the weeks following the announcement of the country’s index
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48 HOURS AFTER SHOOTING IN ASO ROCK: Arrested security details not released or replaced, Aisha fumes

Aisha Buhari’s cry for help

AISHA Buhari, wife of the president, aka Nigeria’s First Lady, has always been in the news. The only difference now is that since she returned from her last extended vacation in the United Kingdom, she has dominated the news more than has been customary with her predecessors as first ladies.

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